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Jul 16, 2006 12:38 AM

sticky buns

I used to live in the Williamsport area - 30 years ago! I remember a restaurant called "The Village Tea Room" or something like that. They served sticky buns with all their meals. Does this sound familiar? We are taking a nostalgic trip back to PA and I'd love to have one of those wonderful, warm, fresh baked sticky buns.

Any ideas?

Another question -- is Tag's restaurant still in business?

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  1. Hi Didee,

    I am also originally from Williamsport (South Side) and go back about once a year. When I was back a few months ago, a friend took me to a wonderful place for sticky buns. Cannot recall the name, but it is on the Golden Strip and I think it is right behind the Dunkin' Donuts. I guess this guy has been making these buns for years (I put a call in to my friend for the name and will post it when I receive it).

    As far as Tag's, sadly Tag died last year and they closed the place down within a week. What a bummer...the end of a era, in a way. The Triangle is still there though. It's nice to see familiar places like that when I go back.

    Hope that you receive this before you go back (if you haven't already made the trip).

    1. Born in Williamsport, raised in Wellsboro, and now live in SJ. I too fondly remember the Tea Room. After I met my (to be) husband, I took him there once for lunch, and soon after they closed. Also used to go to Stearns or Woolworths for lunch when we were in town shopping.

      1. I was born and raised in williamsport the place on the golden strip is called Mr. Stickys the other place you can get sticky buns is perkins they usually make them fresh in the morning.