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Jul 16, 2006 12:28 AM

Two pastry shops on Bleeker west of 6th Avenue

which is better. We saw both side by side and could not decide which one is better. WE went into the one which is more west only bec. it was closer but I would like to hear which Chowhounds like better.
We had lemon/caramel gelati. The lemon was excellent. For pastries we had cappucino pastry and chocolate pear royal which was my favorite. All were OK, but nothing compared to something like Ceci-Cela or Payard. Should we have gone to the other one?

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  1. I find Rocco's -- the one closest to 6th Ave. -- to be far better. If nothing else, they have perhaps the best Black & White cookie in town, the one that made me suddenly realize why New Yorkers wax on and on about Black & White.

      1. More WEST? More like north or south. Anyway, Bruno's has better little tartes and cakes, whereas Rocco has the world's best cannoli, great breakfast cakes, and ice cream.

        Bruno's is more expensive on most items. Rocco's is more of a scene, and a fun one at that.

        1. I think I also always wind up in Rocco's and yes, the cannolis are to die for!

          1. I prefer Bruno's 100%. Absolutely delicious gelato (pear and hazelnut are my favs), and great tarts, too.