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Where can I get the biggest burger in Toronto.. ?!?

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Okay, so my boyfriend is one of those guys that never gets full unless he eats a small nations food supply,
and it seems hes on a mission to find toronto's biggest burger and is forever complaining about the size of a resturants biggest burger..
SO anyways,
Do you guys know of a place that has huge burgers for not so outragous prices?

thanks! :)

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  1. I believe you are looking for Dangerous Dan's... the 24oz burger should do the trick. If he finishes it make sure you have a phone ready to dial 911 near by.


    1. There is Wimpy's.... 2 X 8 oz patty blended to one giant patty. As long as we are talking size and not quality, it's huge. With fries I would doubt many could clean their plate. Small chain, several on Yonge St ... several in York Region. I think they are all over.

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        It isn't just their website that refers to their burgers as the "Double D". It's also the men that eat there. I agree with Vise. Every burger should come with a free defibrillator. Enjoy, but at your own risk.

      2. As far as DD's goes should really be called DDD for Dangerously Dirty Dan's.

        Doesnt Burger King have some new ridiculous stacker burger with 4 patties.

        There should be a sin tax on these things like cigarettes so that we can afford to pay for your bypass surgery down the road.

        If you are ever in California or Vefas hit In n Out Burger where your number of patties and slices of cheese is only limited by your gluttony

        1. haha, yes, The All new Quad Stacker...
          well you see he bought it yesterday and ate the burger and all the fries and the drink
          and he still wasnt full..

          1. If your boyfriend finds himself in the west, have him try the Super Sumo burger at C & Dubbs Hamburgers. It's a pound and a half of beef. I've tried the regular Sumo burger, which is a pound of beef and it was a real handful. I can't even fathom ordering the Super Sumo. They have excellent fries as well.

            C & Dubbs is located at 1706 Dundas Street East in Mississauga.

            1. I'd second Wimpy's for value. A Wimpy's burger, fries and soft drink/coffee is well, WELL under $10, although your guy sounds like he'd need a couple of them to make a dent!

              1. The Dangerous Dan's Diner's Quadruple C burger is the biggest I have ever seen in Toronto. It comes with 24oz burger served with a quarter pound of cheese, a quarter pound of bacon, and 2 fried eggs. Also comes with a large shake (flavor of your choice) and a small poutine. It can be had by two persons, but then the price is not cheap, $21.99.

                I had the The Coronary Burger Special last time I went and it came with 2 8oz Patties, 4 Slices of Bacon, 2 Slices of Cheddar and a Fried Egg on top. Served w/ Fries and Gravy, Can of Pop and Mayo as a garnish. I did not have any problem finishing it myself and it did fill me up quite well. I dare myself to go for their Triple C though.

                1. Dangerous Dan's was scary.

                  I ordered the burger, and the meat was grey, I was afraid to finish it

                  1. This one is easy: BELLWOODS BAR AND GRILL!

                    They have a 1 lb pound burger for really cheap and it's SOOOO good. Grilled and seasoned to perfection.

                    The one at Dangerous dan's is disgusting. It's a meatball they actually nuke in the microwave, becasue they are too lazy to cook it all the way through!

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                      I tried to google it, but I can't find an address for the Bellwoods???

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                        It's actually on Queen St W., north side of the street around Shaw St. I think it's pretty close to the old Lululemon store.

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                          Thanks, I will keep an eye out for it

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                            as a sidenote: bellwoods isnt the greatest for ambience, but alot of people get it to go and take it to the park.

                            I cant find the exact address either, but it's on the north side, between Walnut and Manning

                    2. I tried out Rails and Ales (on the Danforth) 1 lb burger.

                      Wow it was tasty!!!
                      The meat was good quality, and spiced well, on a decent bun.

                      Only complaint was bland fries

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                        did you or anyone else you were with try anything else? Was anything else good?

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                          It's very much a pub menu, just went with the burgers because thats what they are known for.

                          We were the only table in the place that was eating

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                            Yes, I often ride my bike past it and wonder if its worth stopping, but I never see anyone eating, just drinking. But good to know I can get a good burger there if Im craving it

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                              rails and ales has a top 5 burger in TO. very very good.

                        2. Come to the west end for great burgers......
                          The best burgers are at Magoos Royal york and Dundas...on dundas in the plaza....so cool, retro decor, yum.....best with lots of cheese and they offer some yummy unique toppings like sprouts, bruschetta and their special sauce.
                          Also great is Magic Spot on bloor east of royal york....the burgers there are really good, but they also have amazing greek food - chicken greek salad highly recommended...its a good place to go if your boyfriend wants a burger and you want something different...third is apache burger on dundas/kipling......its always raved about....

                          1. If BIG is all that matters, it is almost certainly at Dangerous Dans. I find these creations really gross, and the place icky, but you will definitely make your point. It's not cheap in dollars, but it is cheap if you think in terms of cost per pound of food.

                            Personally, I find the ordinary burgers at Allens much more satisfying (but they are neither big nor cheap).