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Jul 15, 2006 11:48 PM

Where can I get the biggest burger in Toronto.. ?!?

Okay, so my boyfriend is one of those guys that never gets full unless he eats a small nations food supply,
and it seems hes on a mission to find toronto's biggest burger and is forever complaining about the size of a resturants biggest burger..
SO anyways,
Do you guys know of a place that has huge burgers for not so outragous prices?

thanks! :)

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  1. I believe you are looking for Dangerous Dan's... the 24oz burger should do the trick. If he finishes it make sure you have a phone ready to dial 911 near by.

    1. There is Wimpy's.... 2 X 8 oz patty blended to one giant patty. As long as we are talking size and not quality, it's huge. With fries I would doubt many could clean their plate. Small chain, several on Yonge St ... several in York Region. I think they are all over.

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        It isn't just their website that refers to their burgers as the "Double D". It's also the men that eat there. I agree with Vise. Every burger should come with a free defibrillator. Enjoy, but at your own risk.

      2. As far as DD's goes should really be called DDD for Dangerously Dirty Dan's.

        Doesnt Burger King have some new ridiculous stacker burger with 4 patties.

        There should be a sin tax on these things like cigarettes so that we can afford to pay for your bypass surgery down the road.

        If you are ever in California or Vefas hit In n Out Burger where your number of patties and slices of cheese is only limited by your gluttony

        1. haha, yes, The All new Quad Stacker...
          well you see he bought it yesterday and ate the burger and all the fries and the drink
          and he still wasnt full..

          1. If your boyfriend finds himself in the west, have him try the Super Sumo burger at C & Dubbs Hamburgers. It's a pound and a half of beef. I've tried the regular Sumo burger, which is a pound of beef and it was a real handful. I can't even fathom ordering the Super Sumo. They have excellent fries as well.

            C & Dubbs is located at 1706 Dundas Street East in Mississauga.