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Jul 15, 2006 11:28 PM


Any suggestions for a girls get together in Yorkville - nice restaurant, martinis etc, nothing too expensive!!! Nothing to stuffy either.

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  1. Yorkville & expensive go together. The better question is where in Yorkville can you get bang for the buck. Me personally, I like Pangaea. Worth every penny you spend and not once will you feel compelled to sit bolt upright.

    1. Good value, great calamari. Pizzas are always good. Nice sized restaurant but not a lot of people watching. I think it is one of the best consistent dinner values in Yorkville.

      1. Must agree with torontoeh, Cafe Nervosa is a great place to have a good meal in Yorkville. Not outrageously priced and the pizzas are amazing!

        1. Hemingway's is pretty reasonable - everyhthing is good but the food. Unless deep frying is your style. But you can have a salad and talk a lot.

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            Re Hemingways- it is the worst bar food I've had in Toronto.

            I shared a dip platter, the deep fried appetizer platter, and nachos at Hemingway's about a week ago with 6 is awful.
            The dips are much worse than what you get at a supermarket - what I suspect was supposed to be Roasted red pepper dip looked a lot more like Kraft French Dressing....served with fairly stale whole wheat pita triangles. There was a small portion of hummus- no real taste of garlic or lemon or lime....and a very boring tzatziki.
            Even for deep-fried food, I wouldn't suggest it.The deep fried platter had spring rolls, calamari, wings, and fries....very disappointing spring rolls and wings.
            The nachos are no worse than what you would get at the Firkin or Tortilla Flats... they were the most edible item I tried- but I wouldn't go there just to order them.
            Their very purple Sangria (I suspect they are using something similar to Grape Fruitopia as the juice part) is pretty bad too.And the Cosmo was disappointing- very harsh. Stick to beer, if you go.

          2. The Duke of York serves decent food, for a pub. I had a tasty tuna melt there a while ago. The atmosphere is nice, too.