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Jul 15, 2006 11:17 PM

Skyr - where to buy in LA?

I just returned from a trip to the Mid-Atlantic states and had the pleasure of bumping into a Whole Foods that carried skyr in the salad bar (I didn't check the dairy section). I understand that only Whole Foods on the East Coast (and some in the Rockies?) carry skyr. That said, does anyone know where I can get my grubby hands on this fabulous thick dairy product in LA?


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  1. I was curious......What is Skyr? So, I googled.

    Some sites say it's similar to Greek yogurt that you can get at T'J's. Also found this site http://www.skyr.is/

    Please repost if you ever find the real thing. I'd want to try it. BTW - I love the greek yogurt with honey at T'J's. The creme tops are also yummy- esp. the maple.

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      Hi! Skyr is a really thick type of cheese from Iceland. It has the consistency of sour cream--thick and rich--but it doesn't have any of the fat. It's also not as tart as Greek yogurt, rather, it's creamy and has a tinge of sweetness to it. I love the 0% Fage yogurt they sell at Trader Joe's, and the house-brand Greek yogurt is also great, but it is a little fatty.

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        Whipped, fat free ricotta? ha ha - probably not eh?