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Jul 15, 2006 11:16 PM

ISO of cheese shop in OC

buying most of my cheese online or Bristol Farms for something quick and simple, hoping to find a cheese specialty store in OC for tastings and advice. Thanks !

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  1. Frogs Breath Cheese in the Orange Circle has some good selections.

    Others have recommended Pascal Epicerie

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      Thanks for the rec--had never heard of this place.

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        Sorry for the slightly late post - I hope you have had a chance to get to Frog's Breath by now, If not, then go now! I cant' say enough good things about Frog's breath. It is a fairly small place, so they have a good (not huge) variety of imported cheeses, including Spanish and Portugese, as well as select American artisan cheeses. Everything I have had so far was remarkably good and fresh. There are quite a few goat cheeses, and very interesting blues. They are happy to give samples, and will usually have a good recommendation for wine. To fill in, they have lots of other stuff: tapenades, mustards, oils, vinegars, honeys, crackers, a small selection of chocolates, etc. The store is an airy, relaxed place, and the staff is cool. They are applying for a license to have wine tastings in the future, so stay tuned.