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Jul 15, 2006 11:02 PM

Bethany Beach

My family will be stayiing there for a week in early August. Suggestions for high and low dining would be happily received!

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  1. There are many good choices in and around Bethany Beach for food. Low Brow first: 5 Guys Burgers, on Garfield Parkway in town: terrific hamburgers (it's a branch of a DC restaurant), just remember that a regular is 2 patties, and a small is one. Bootsie's Bar B Q, take out only, in Ocean View, just a couple of miles from town on Rt 26. Ribs, chicken and now brisket, excellent potato salad and pulled pork. One typically calls in the afternoon and places an order then you pick up later - they have been known to run out of food.

    Higher Brow: Bluecoast Seafood on Rt 1 in Bethany and it's companion restaurant, Northeast Seafood Kitchen in Ocean View: terrific fresh sea food, very nice wine list, we've never been disappointed, but they don't take reservations.

    Crabs: Take out: Crabby Bills Seafood, in Ocean View, Eat in: Mickey's Crab House on Route 1.

    Fries: (yes, it's own food group at the beach!): DB Fries, at the corner of Atlantic and Garfield Parkway, 1 block from the beach in Bethany.

    Have fun!

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    1. I live in Bethany half of the year.
      Favorites without a doubt are Blue Coast on Rt. 1 and Northeast Seafood kitchen on Rt. 26 2-miles west of Bethany. They are both fine dining seafood, high end food mid to high end prices. BlueCoast also has a fish market and a to go market lunch
      Sedona also a good high end, but very expensive! DiFebo's for classic italian high end.
      Fenwick Crab House for crabs.
      Mid priced and good are Bethany Blues (BBQ) and Cottage Cafe.
      Also Grotto's pizza for classic pizza fare.
      Great subs at Difebos, Al Casapulla's, Great Steak and Cheese at Surf's Up. Milk and Honey serves great subs but is a quirky place at first look.
      Avoid: Mango's, The Train Restaurant, Fat Tuna.

      1. Avoid Mango's? Mango Mikes? Please tell me why. I was really looking forward to going to dinner there. Okay, mostly because of their photos and the wonderful view of the ocean! Will go to DiFebo's, but wanted to go to Mango Mike's as well. Please be specific. Is it really that bad??

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          Mango's is the kind of place that shouldn't have to have spectacular food to be a good place to go. That being said, on a number of occasions we've tried, feeling that there should be a reason beyond the view, to have a serviceable meal there. Each of the three times we've been the service has been pretty bad, but the food has been worse.

          See the view outside, and eat elsewhere.

        2. We were at the Sea Colony two summers and ADORED Warren's - great food, pricing and perfect for our gang of five adults and two kids. Out of six nights ate there three times.

          Avoid Dough Rollers - really awful.

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          1. re: bowildhax

            Three out of six nights is a very high compliment!


          2. Or a new casual take-out joint is Dangerously Delicious Pies with 21 varieties of fruit & meat pies at 100 Garfield Pkwy.