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Jul 15, 2006 09:43 PM

It's hot outside...any bao bing in DC??


I am in need of some bao bing, the shaved ice dessert ubiquitous in Taipei (I think the Taiwanese name for it is swa bing - and that's a terrible spelling, by the way). If anyone could fill me in on this one, I would be absolutely thrilled.


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  1. There's probably more than I'm aware of, but I did pass a shaved ice stand outside the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Bethesda.

    1. Hmm...I'll have to check that out. Was it the Taiwanese/Chinese style with condensed milk and taro, etc.?

      Right after I posted this I actually went to Eden Park, the Vietnamese shopping place near East Falls Church, and I found the Vietnamese version!

      They don't use as much ice - more beans and tapioca - but it was basically just what I wanted. It's in some place called "Only Tofu" (I think). The sign is in Vietnamese, and I don't think there was an English translation. It's on the left as you drive in, about 1/3 of the way back.


      1. Nah, I don't think it wasn't anything like that -- literally just shaved ice and flavorings, I think. I have seen it somewhere else, but I can't think of where now! I'll be back when I remember. Glad you found some today. :)

        1. Bob's Noodle 66 has EXACTLY what you're looking for. It's a first rate Taiwanese restaurant in Rockville.

          1. Bob's is indeed the place to go for bao bing, and as far as I know it's the only place in the area that serves it. Funnily, I was just talking yesterday about going there specifically for the bao bing, but could not remember the name of the dish in Chinese, so thanks for the help!