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Later evening (10-10:30pm) Dinner Recs

Hello SFHounders,

Taking the girlfriend to SF for the weekend in August...she's only briefly visited before. We're doing the evening Alcatraz tour and will get back approx 9:30. What are good options for a 10-10:30 dinner? Delfina and A16 are two options I considered, A16 since it is near the Marina. Mid to upscale is fine in any cuisine type.

Other places we're planning to hit on the trip are Canteen, luella, Tadich and Yank Sing.


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  1. We generally go to Great Eastern, Jackson below Grant Ave., for late-evening more or less splurge meals, but I've noticed several new places claiming to stay open quite late, including Nopa, Divisadero near Hayes, which I haven't tried.

    We need a list of places that are good for post-performance or other later dining. I used to keep one in my head, but no more.

    Zuni serves late but I've had many disappointing meals there and wonder if things don't slide downhill as closing time approaches.

    You'll probably be pretty darn cold, so keep that in mind when making your choice!

    I forget what time A16's last reservation is, but definitely recommend you do reserve if you decide on it.

    1. A couple of my late night favorites:
      Cafe Maritime
      Farmer Brown

      1. Thanks for the tips. I'll definitely remember to wear a jacket too!

        1. I've been seated at Foreign Cinema and Delfina at 10:30 or 11 pm on more than one occasion. I wasn't impressed with Oola enough to make it back there yet or Bacar, which is also open late but spendy. NOPA, a newer place is open til 1am, but I haven't tried it yet.

          I usually call or make a reservation if I'm going out at that time so there are no misunderstandings on either side of the transaction. Have fun, C-

          1. The Globe around JAckson square. The food is very good and it's open till till like midnight or 1 am.

            1. I know it's kind of far, but since you are considering Delfina...I know Maverick seats until 11PM.

              1. My first choice would be Zuni. They're open till midnight Tuesday trough Saturday. We often go there after plays or concerts and the food's consistently great.

                Oola's open till 1am Tuesday through Saturday (midnight Sunday and Monday). I've always eaten well there.


                I've heard the food at the Globe has gone back downhill again, which isn't surprising given that they've opened two new restaurants.

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                  Globe has definately NOT gone downhill. The food is actually better than ever. It's the other two restaurants that went downhill. I would give Globe a shot again.

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                    I think it's been awhile since we've had a Globe report. Can you give an update, especially since you give it such great initial praise?

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                      Zuni would be my first choice, but I also think that Globe has quite good food. Zuni has more of an upscale feel to it than any of the other late-night restaurants, and the food is stunning, plus it's a SF landmark restaurant. I eat at Oola often, because they are open late and have a fun vibe. The starters are great; we usually make a meal of them. The ribs are perfect. I've been disappointed by entrees, though. Our last trip to Brazenhead was awful: totally boring food, lousy service and over-priced. This was less than a year ago.

                2. Zuni is my first thought
                  and Oola another thought (emphasis on the ribs)
                  both seat after 11pm and both are the first places I always consider for late dining

                  Absinthe do too, but i havent been there in years though I used to like it. Well i tried to go for brunch a few weeks ago, but after being seated for about 20 minutes without any staff coming anywhere near us to take our orders, we got bored, left and went elsewhere.

                  1. Another place to look, sfgate.com's dining page has a restaurant search function, 'late night eats' is an option, perhaps on the extended search page.

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                      Whaddya know, that search does work OK now. It used to find a lot of places that closed relatively early. opentable.com can be useful for that as well.

                    2. Kokkari serves dinner until at least 11:00, and I have never noticed lower quality in the later hours. THis remains one of my favs. I always start with the stuffed calamari and some type of spread with pita. The mains are mostly fish or red meat, the Steak and Lamb Chops are both terrific.

                      OOla is also a good option.

                      1. Nopa is serving late...until 1 am, seven nights a week.

                        1. Great Recs. Thanks to everyone, although now I've almost got too many options.

                          Has anyone tried Town Hall later in the evening? Perhaps it's a little less loud than normal dinner hours?