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Jul 15, 2006 08:55 PM

Places to Eat in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill?

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Any help with where to eat here will be greatly appreciated. We have a car and can drive anywhere. We are also on a budget and do not need fancy decor, etc. as long as the food is delicious.
Thank you!

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  1. weaver street market has a freat selection of prepared food you can take away. sort of a co-op grocery store. Hot line, take out sushi, great bread and soup, etc.

    1. OK, we'll stop by Weaver Street Market. Thanks for the suggestion! :-)

      1. Carrburritos is a nice inexpensive place for, you guessed it, burritos. This is a much better, local version of Moe's or Q-Doba. I love Carrburritos grilled fish tacos.

        Mediterranean Deli is another one of my favorite budget eateries in town.

        1. On a budget in Raleigh, Dalat Vietnamese Mission Valley near NCSU , Royal India Capitol Blvd. and the Rockford on Glenwood Ave.
          Coopers BBQ downtown
          On Hillsborough Street there is Char-Grill, it is a Raleigh institution, just a window, you send your order through the window and then they call you over the loud speaker. Great burgers.
          Also there is a little tiny hot dog place- I am not even sure it is still open, but it is across the street from FLEX, which is a gay leather bar. near Char Grill on West Street. You can get 10oz coke in the bottle, homemade pound cake and great hot dogs. Do Not Ask for Ketchup there. or you can ask and get the explanation.
          Big Ed's is a a great southern place, you can eat breakfast or lunch there. if you are lucky big ed might even be there, behave yourself he is packing heat in his overalls.

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            The hot dog place is the Roast Grill at 7 S. West Street, just one door south of the intersection of West St. at Hillsborough St. Look carefully or you will miss it. A small establishment, on the side of green house. But you will see the people coming and going, from business execs, local and state politicians, moms with kids, and a street person or two.

            Not quite the same atmosphere since Mrs. Charles died a few years ago, but her grandson George carries on the tradition. The dogs are exactly the same, I just miss the atmosphere of Mrs. Charles arguing with her daughter in Greek. I like to get the "brown" (burnt) with mustard, chili and slaw (onions are also available) and a coke. But you must like hot dogs, as that is all they have, except for the pound cake and sometimes baklava. No french fries, no chips, no burgers, and NO KETCHUP! - only hot dogs. Everyone should go at least once. For me its at least once a month, and it takes me about 30 minutes to drive all the way downtown.

          2. As far as Chapel Hill goes, i second the carrburritos rec, and would like to add a couple. for the absolute best blt on the planet, check out merritt's store. it's a little white convenience store on the side of s. columbia (ask anyone where merritt's store is, and they'll be able to tell you.) local tomatoes, and either 1/4lb, 1/2lb, or a full pound of real thick sliced bacon. good stuff. also not to be missed--j&j's deli in timberlyne shopping center north of town for great deli sandwiches. italian pizzeria III (locals refer to it as i.p.3) on franklin street(main drag) has good ny style pizza and cheesesteaks.
            while weaver st has the best bread for miles around--super good bread, as good as i've had anywhere in the country--i can't wholeheartedly recommend their prepared foods. the sushi is okay, and the salad bar is okay, and it's a nice place to sit outside and have a beer or glass of wine (a nice perk). but i'd def go the european (ie, bread and cheese and tomato/cuke)route before doing the prepared foods. have fun!