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Jul 15, 2006 08:44 PM

Marina Area in August

Hi - coming to SF for the Craft show at Fort Mason in August and staying on Lombard in the Marina and I won't have a car. Any good recommendations within walking distance besides Greens. Also I'm thinking of heading to Wine Country for a couple of days after that weekend and looking for recommendations for a really good meal but not one that I need to take out a home equity loan for.


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  1. Chestnut Street is your friend. TONS of good food and restaruants.

    A16 gets high marks on this board.

    Emporio Rulli is great for breakfast pastries.

    Judy's has good breakfasts as does Bechtellis.

    I'm sure that other Chowhounds will have lots of good suggestions for this area.

    Union street is nearby with some good restaurants, but the higher ratio of good food is on Chestnut and the side streets near it. Much closer than Greens to Lombard

    1. Much closer than Greens to Lombard but not to Fort Mason!

      I always like to know folks' food preferences and what they can or can't get close to home before making recommendations.

      I live near Chestnut and Union and think of most of the restaurants in the nabe as convenient rather than "worth a detour." I find some of the ethnic places more watered down than they might be in areas with more patrons of the same ethnicity, and I'm no fan of either Cal cuisine or Fusion.

      That said, we've had two decent meals our last two visits to Mezze, though prices add up very fast indeed.

      I keep returning periodically to A16 because I WANT to like it more than I have liked it to date.

      I do like Alegrias, even if its tapas not on a par with Spain's, and enjoy many items at Betelnut if not the sometimes too-loud and drunken scene.

      Has anyone tried Chez Maman on Union? (It seems to have snuck in when I was looking the other way!)

      1. Thank you. I eat everything but salmon. I plan on eating at Greens one evening, Friday or Saturday. I'm setting up on Thursday so I can go anywhere in SF. Sunday night I'll probably be at Fort Mason until 8 or 9 packing up and doing paperwork to ship my stuff home so I'll probably only have a chance to grab a quick bite before I get back to the motel to pack up. I'll check out some of the places on Chestnut.


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          Since you're working the show, you might want to pick up some pastries from Emporio Rulli and a big sandwich from Lucca's deli, both on Chestnut, for your lunch.

        2. I would second A16- also between Chesnut and Lombard is Isa's- great back garden area and a small plate format that can really work if you are dining alone. The foie gras dish is always good and well priced for the size.

          1. in the Marina check out Steiner St.there are several good restaurants in one short block. Isa is definitely a destination restaurant for me. I like breakfast at Home Plate on Lombard or Lettus Organic rather than Judy's. Mamacita also gets rave reviews. Also on Steiner is Bistro Aix which is good solid California/French.

            For a reasonably priced but very good meal in Napa I like Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen in St Helena.