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Jul 15, 2006 08:36 PM

Rec's for dinner Monday near Irvine (driving down from Pasadena to meet a co-worker)

I'm sure I will live to regret this but two of us are driving from Pasadena to Irvine Monday to meet with a co-worker who will be in town for one night only. Any suggestions on places to meet for dinner? Would prefer not terribly noisy as we have some work to discuss. Can also be slightly north of Irvine as he's willing to drive a bit to meet us.


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  1. What type of price and food?

    I think French 75 on Jamboree would be a good bet. Not too expensive and the food is good (I've only at the sister restaurant Chat Noir but the reviews of 75 have been favorable).

    In Costa Mesa, Scotts Seafood and Turners New Zealand would likely fit the bill as well.

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      mid-range for the price and we're really open on types of food. I'll look up your recommendations today - thanks!

    2. Scott's, Turners and French 75 are nice options, but a tad pricey for what they serve. If $ is no concern, they are nice enough.

      Other options include:
      The Pleasant Peasant near John Wayne for value-priced, perfectly worth French fare in quiet (not formal) surroundings.

      Prego or Bistango in corporate Irvine for stylish Italian (Prego) or New American (Bistango) in an art gallery atrium setting.

      Taleo in the retail center at 5 Fwy/Jamboree is a sleeper of an upscale Mexican spot. Not border food or taco truck fare, but tasty and not stuffy in mood. Great margs, of course. And it's relatively quiet and non-cantina-esque.

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        Hmm, Talao looks interesting. I'd like somewhere nice but somewhat casual and that looks like it might fit. thanks!

      2. I used to always stop in at Maki-Maki for Sushi when I was in the Irvine area. Everything is fresh and delicious. They also have the best carrot-ginger dressing and a full-service bar to boot if that matters. Last time I was there sat next to Sammy Hagar at the bar. Nice guy! Large restaurant.


        1. Try Oki-Doki--wonderful food to share many different tastes. Something for everyone, fairly inexpensive and just the right many-plate atmosphere to linger over and talk.

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            I love this place, but it can get loud.