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Jul 15, 2006 08:13 PM

Mini-English or Mediterranian Cucumbers?

I bought, several months back, at Costco (of all places) what were labeled as "mini-english" cucumbers -- they had a smoother skin than the standard cucumber and small, or no seeds, like the larger english cucumbers that can be found in most supermarkets.

I've kept my eyes open for more in other stores as they made the best dill pickles ever (especially because they were easy to fit in quart sized mason jars).

After surfing the web, I've come to find that they might better be called "mediterranean cucumber". But it still leaves me with the same question, has anyone seen them in the Boston area? Or does anyone even which time of the year I should be looking for them?

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  1. They sound like Lebanese cucumbers available at Russos or Arax in Watertown.

    1. Yes, I've seen them in Arax recently.

      1. I see them at Market Basket all the time.

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          Market Basket too, usually around the English cukes.

        2. I live in L.A. and these surely sound like the Persian cucs I love. Less gass and a bit softer than traditional American - easier to digest. Cut and mix with toms and mozarella cheese. I get all this a Trader Joes. Then I mix with their pesto and a little salt. Makes a great salad. If you can't find Persian cucs (at a local Middle Eastern market) then go for the English cucs at T.J.'s which are wrapped in plastic. :)

          1. I think I've actually seen these at the Shaw's at the Prudential Center.