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Jul 15, 2006 08:07 PM

Pound cake with too brown crust! What to do??

Made a pound cake (in a bundt pan) for a party tonight at a friend's house, but I baked it too long and the crust is too brown. Any suggestions what I should do?

I don't think it's ruined (it's russet-potato or hot chocolate brown)... and maybe the fresh fruit compote I am planning to serve with it will help.

Would brushing it with a sugar/liqueur syrup help or just turn the crust into a harder, cruchier shell?


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  1. I think the fresh fruit compote will definitely help. Fresh whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on top will also help! I wouldn't brush it with a sugar syrup. It will definitely get crunchy.

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    1. re: LindaWhit

      Thanks for saving me from that disaster! I'll pick up some whipping cream on the way.

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        I put a lemon juice/sugar crunchy crust on my lemon pound cake but it has to go on while the cake is hot or it will seep into the cake and make it mushy.

        You can also frost it--I make a coffee flavored pound cake and frost it with rich dark chocolate frosting. A regular lb cake might be good with lemon frosting.

    2. Can you slice off the bottom brown part and put the bottom side down on the serving plate so no one notices it? Also, when you slice and plate it, put the fruit and cream on the cut end and no one will suspect a thing!

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      1. re: Non Cognomina

        Since it was made in a bundt pan, the bottom is actually the top, so I don't think this would work.

      2. What's wrong with "It's supposed to be that way to make a nice contrast"? Unless it actually tastes burnt.

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          Absolutely! When I make a bundt cake I dust the greased pan heavily with coarse sugar so it melts and gets a crunchy dark caramelized crust...

          A thin chocolate glaze or lemon glaze, just a little butter and warm lemon juice with a little confectioners sugar, will make a nice finish and help things along

        2. Why not simply (and carefully) put some powdered sugar in a mesh strainer and cover the cake with a fine dusting of the sugar. I suspect that the dark crust is delicious, but covering it with the sugar may be more visually pleasing.

          1. I agree with yayadave. Unless it's burnt and tastes that way, what's the problem? I have made several lemon poundcakes in bundt pans and then spooned chopped fruit into the hole and over the top. It looks beautiful that way.

            You can also go the brown sugar route as described above.

            But if it tastes good, don't worry.