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Jul 15, 2006 07:49 PM

Rosebud is booked. Any other fabulous cake places around?

I need a heavily detailed 3-D cake. Rosebud's is booked solid, and cannot accomodate my order. Are there any other amazing cake places in town? I've tried Cake Diva's before, but was disappointed to see that their actual cakes are not as vibrant as the cakes pictured on their site.

All suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. Have you tried Hansens (sp?) on Fairfax? I don't know about the 3-D detailing, but their cakes are delicious.

    1. Call Sweet Lady Jane... they recently did an amazing cake for a client. Like a roman column in ruins, very detailed in design, unususal, beautiful, and very good cake. Celebrating doctorate degree.

      Look on thier web site under specialty cakes - I think you'll find what you want... they will do custom design.

      Sweet Lady Jane Bakery Web Site
      Address: 8360 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069
      Phone: (323) 653-7145

      Good luck!!

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        Oh my god, Sweet Lady Jane is incredible. I had their lemon cake and it was moist, delicious and not too rich. It had lemon curd that was quite tart and combined well with the sweetness of the cake. The buttercream frosting was just enough. I say that you cannot to wrong with Sweet Lady Jane.

      2. Layers in Sherman Oaks is incredible. Janelle did an amazing 3D heraldic shield for our groom's cake a few months ago, complete with gold icing, lions, and fleur de lis. And her cakes taste incredible.

        She books up pretty far in advance, though, so it depends when you need it by.

        1. call Janelle at layers!!!! her cakes are amazing!!!
          (and she used to work at Rosebud before opening Layers a few years ago)