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Jul 15, 2006 07:14 PM

Exhaust hoods

I am in the market for a home exhaust hood unit that WORKS. I have a regular ol' Broan, and it just doesn't pull enough air to allow grillpan work, plus the grease catchment is nonexistent.

Anyone have recommendations? I am looking at a Kobe stainless steel unit as a replacement.

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  1. Check out the CFM measurement on any hood. This is the amount of air moved calculated on Cubic Feet per Minute. The higher the number (900, 1200, etc) the more air that is being moved. Some of the "Suzy Homemaker" units are in the low hundreds, so won't pull you out of your socks like the professional models.

    Note: some pretty estensive exhausting is required for the big boys. Also, there is an "away" option meaning the motor can be mounted away from the actual hood. A cautionary note on this installation is that the further the motor is from the hood, the less suction you'll have. There's a calculation (that the sales people can tell you because I've forgotten it) of losing X amount for every foot away with disclaimers about being more than twenty feet away.

    Whatever you choose, I have loved having the "guts" i.e. grease catchers slide out and fit in the dishwasher. Makes cleanup quick & easy so it happens more often.

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      Also, going to a hood with a much larger CFM rating can wreak havoc with your HVAC system in your house, especially if it is a newer house that is "tight." Don't install a range hood that's larger than you need.