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Jul 15, 2006 07:00 PM

Fresh Duck eggs

I know where to get salted duck eggs, but has anyone seen fresh duck eggs anywhere lately? I was recently reminded how much I love them...but a nice Welsh farmhouse is a bit too distant a source....

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  1. A vendor at the Eagle Rock farmers market sells, I think, quail eggs, though they may be duck (probably whichever is more popular in Philippine cuisine).

    1. If it's Filipino they may not be duck eggs but actually fertilized duck embryos which are the popular Filipino treat "balut".

      1. Santa Monica Farmer's Market (Wednesday 'til 1pm)

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          Thanks...I wonder if the same vendor is at Hollywood on Sunday; wouldn't that be lovely! Hawaii Supermarket in San Gabriel has them sometimes, but had just run out when I was there a couple of days ago.

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            I sent an emissary to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market today. She went to every egg vendor, and checked in with market customer service. No duck eggs. So tell me, WHERE ARE THE DUCK EGGS??!! A reliable source of FRESH duck eggs, not balut--I'll go wherever, but I want to make sure that fresh duck eggs are at the end of my journey....

          2. I don't think I've ever tried fresh duck eggs. Sounds interesting. How do they compare/are different to chicken eggs?

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              They are bigger and the yolk is much richer and creamier. I'd love to find a source in LA too!

            2. I've seen them at Shun Fat Supermarket, but then what do you mean exactly by "fresh"?

              The duck eggs are simply raw -- not fermented, not salted and definitely not balut.