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Jul 15, 2006 06:55 PM

2 days and nights in St Louis

Traveling from Texas to St Louis soon for our first visit there and need great food recommendations.

We are staying downtown so looking for ideas there and within reasonable distance, preferably by rail but will take taxis for excellent eats and atmosphere.

Where should we go for Italian?

What else is outstanding? Trendy is OK as along as its really good.

Good brunch within somewhat easy striking distance of the baseball stadium?

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  1. My vote for Italian is Trattoria Marcella in SW city. However, since you want to stay close to downtown, your best bets would be Lombardo's (201 S. 20th) or Kemoll's (1 Met Square).

    Other good downtown choices are Red Moon (15th & St. Charles) and Mosaic (1101 Lucas).

    A short taxi ride will take you to 1111 Mississippi in Lafayette Square. I would recommend this place to anyone.

    1. Another excellent choice would be An American Place (9th and Washington).

        1. If you are into brewpubs, you can stop at The Tap Room.

          1. Fast Food- Lions Choice...its only in St. Louis area....excellent roast beef dip sandwiches.