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Jul 15, 2006 06:06 PM

Mellow Weekday Breakfast in Santa Monica?

Any recs for a delicious but not-too-fancy weekday breakfast in Santa Monica (close to the Promenade if possible since my visiting friends will be staying at a hotel in that area)? It would have to be a place that's open by 9am... Thanks!

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  1. Jinky's on 2nd and Broadway. They have a bunch of Chili-my-soul based egg breakfasts....

    1. absolutely Jinky's!!!! It's my favorite breakfast place!!

      1. Jinky's has the best frech toast! Strawberry flaky french toast with chocolate chips...not on their menu and sometimes not even on their specials board but ask for it, they'll make it for ya. Enjoy!

        1. Jinky's is great - most of the time. I love Bread and Porridge on Wilshire

          1. PLEASE, skip Jinky's. The food is fine, the service S**cks. It's one of the few places I've left a 2% - 3% tip.

            Instead, try:

            Cora's: On Ocean. (South of Colorado, North of Pico) Limited menu and SEATING, Yum food.
            Georgian Hotel: (Ocean Ave. near Santa Monica Blvd.) Beautiful hotel w/ thoughtful food. Go early.
            Callahan's: (Wilshire @ 13th.) Good diner fare.
            Joe's: (Main St. @ Ashland) Great diner fare.
            Snug Harbor: (Wilshire @ 24th.) Very mellow. Patio. Good Eats!
            Broadway Deli: (B-way @ 3rd St.) Not liked by many on this board. But, I think they know how to cook eggs.
            Tacos Por Favor: (Olympic 2 14th) Breakfast burrito anyone ? Awesome !

            Mellow.. Summer.. Santa's a hard find. I hope one of these places fits.


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              I've always had nice service at Jinkys. I've only gone on the weekdays though. Of those you mentioned, only Broadway deli is really walking distance to the promenade...Cora's sort of is.....There were some good thoughts on Jack And Jill's I believe....i haven't been yet, but I've been meaning to.....

              1. re: DuckDuckMom

                Hey DuckDuckMom,

                what's price range on these places you mentioned above? I assume the Georgian Hotel will be pretty $$.