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Jul 15, 2006 05:30 PM

Siam Cuisine 1181 University

My favorite Thai has undergone a decrease in taste and I'm hunting a new one. Anyone familiar with this "authentic & contemporary Thai cuisine"?


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  1. Have you tried Ruen Pair? IMO, its the best in the east bay. They know how to do spicy. Roasted duck and curries are great.

    1045 San Pablo Ave

    Some like Soi4 on College Ave/Oakland, pretty tasty - but somewhat upscale and a very different vibe.

    1. I like Ruen Pair but (hate to admit) liked cheapo Thai Noodle on Shattuck even better. But they've painted, raised prices, and apparently lost their good cook. Not much taste anymore.

      I did love the ribs at Ruen Pair but the rest of the food didn't rise to the level of the old Thai Noodle--the flavor seemed more from heat than complex. Maybe will try again.

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        There have been a few reports/queries about a decline in the kitchen, so it might be a little spotty these days. Try it again and report back! I thought their spice was not just heat but lots of flavor, but then again I like things spicy...