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Jul 15, 2006 05:19 PM

Breakfast near Sac downtown Farmers Market

Sunday morning...we want to eat after shopping. I am familiar with midtown eateries...just wondering if there is something closer to the farmers market near 8th and W? Thanks.

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  1. Fox & Goose at 10th and R St. British pub grub, omelettes, etc. in cavernous warehouse space.

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    1. re: Pilot Hill Pete

      Wow..what a menu! The Fox & Goose it is! Thanks.

    2. Wow...that place was packed and the wait was 30 minutes. We ended up at the Riverside Club with "so-so" food. Nothing at all to write home about. We will hit the Fox and Goose when it opens up...first thing.

      1. Another great place if you can tolerate spicy food for breakfast: Vallejo's, at the SW corner of 4th and S Street, just a couple blocks away from the market. I like to go early to the market and get to the restaurant before the church-people get there, or get breakfast first and then to the market. The chorizo and eggs combinations are great, but it is a LOT of food for the price. I usually just get the chorizo and egg burrito ala carte, but my BF can pack away the combo plate. Of course we don't get much done afterwards, full tummy's and lazy Sundays...

        1. I love spicy anything. We'll check it out.