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Jul 15, 2006 05:04 PM

Help - need a rec for Queensway dinner tonight

I'm off to the Queensway megaplex tonight. Normally I go to Mamma Martino's for ok pizza. Tonight I'd like to change that habit and am hoping you guys can recommend something good. Nothing too pricey and has to have vegetarian options (not really in the mood for Japanese, and no Indian, please). And no chains like Milestones!


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  1. Is the megaplex at Queensway and Islington?
    If so there is a good Italian Restaurant at Dundas and Islington called Pinochio's. It's been some time since we were there but it was very good. (Dundas is north of Bloor in this area)
    Has anyone been there recently to give a more up to date review?

    1. Thanks for the rec - and yeah, I'll be at the Queensway/Islington theatre. But any other restaurant suggestions can be anywhere between Toronto and that general area around Queensway...

      1. I've always liked Pazzia Osteria. It's just a few doors east of Sushi Kaji. Not too pricey, pretty & intimate room, friendly service, above average Italian.
        848 The Queensway 2 blocks east of Islington (416) 252-1566

        1. Hi, I'm kind of late for this recommendation but for the next time, I recommend Rocco's Plum Tomato on the Queensway, just East of Parklawn, and also, their 2nd restaurant on Islington, just N. of the Queensway. The one on Islington has an outdoor patio that is far enough away from the road that you can enjoy eating you meal outside. I have never had a bad meal at this restaurant and always end up taking home a doggie bag.