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Shish kabob question

What do you put on your Shish kabobs besides meat, bell pepper, and onion?

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    1. If using pork, separate with chunks of pineapple.

      Cherry tomatoes work well and add color.

      Mushrooms, as the previous poster stated, are good.

      1. I use summer squash, zucchini and eggplant. The eggplant soaks up marinades very well, as do mushrooms.

        1. parcooked potatoes or sweet potaotes, firm tofu, firm fruits like peaches or apples.

          1. How about fresh figs or even prunes. They're great with chicken, beef or lamb! A standard herb/spice that is used with marinating in middle eastern food is sumac. Sprinkle on while cooking or prior too. I'm allergic to it so, I don't buy it but, I see it in all the ethnic markets.

            1. Garlic cloves, pearl onions, baby carrots, baby corn.

              1. Salmon or shrimp



                1. Shish kabobs can go wrong because a lot of the components cook at different rates. If you wait until a reasonable-sized chunk of meat is done, any tomatoes or mushrooms on the same skewer will probably be burned way past edibility. I've found it's better to grill things separately, depending on their cooking time, and then stick them on the skewer attractively.

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                    Yeah that happened last night. My cherry tomatos fell off before my chicken got done.

                  2. I always make meat and veggie kabobs separately. It's too tough to cook them as one.