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Jul 15, 2006 03:50 PM

Good Indian in/near Bayside?

We live off Bell Boulevard in Bayside and there's no Indian restaurant in the immediate vicinity -- though I've heard mention of one in Little Neck or Douglaston. Can anyone recommend good Indian food that's not too far a drive?

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  1. There's a restaurant at 259-09 Hillside Avenue that many Manhattanites long to try. It serves food from Kerala, which is unavailable in Manhattan. I found one thread that mentions it and has a link to its website. It's called Kerala Kitchen.

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      I have had food from Kerala Kitchen a few times and while it was good, it is very unique. For more "tradtional" Indian food I really like Fiza Diner next door. Cheap,good and a varied selection of steam table stuff. It is clean but has no atmosphere and just a couple of tables you bus yourself. The OP should just drive down Bell to Hillside and head east. There are a number of places such as Taste of India, Santoor, the place at the corner of Lakeville Road and Heritage. There are also Afghani places like Kabab Chi that serve curries, tikkas and tandoori dishes. I pass near Mina often so I get my fix from her, but there are many places worth checking out on Hillside.

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        Sorry, Santoor and India City (now Basmati), the place on the corner of Lakeville Road are on Union Turnpike.

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        I tried to go to Kerala Kitchen quite a while ago, and it seemed to be out of business. Has any been there recently?

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          Kerala Kitchen is no longer in the "old candy store " location described in the post of a few years ago. It has moved east and has taken over what had been two store fronts. It is new, bright, clean and very roomy. They have a dinner buffet for $10.

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            I went out to Kerala Kitchen last August after the Burmese Fair in Briarwood - gives one an appreciation for how HUGE NYC is. Anyway, at that time they were in the luncheonette space, I think 259-09 Hillside Ave. The website linked above actually shows two different addresses on different pages - I suspect the new location is 267-05.

            To me the chow was more interesting and distinct from other indian cuisines Ive tried than exactly delicious -with main accents on the chilies and coconut oil flavors, not as much on other spices - although there was a very rendang-like meat dish with whole spices that was quite nice. Id like to make the trip again - maybe Id have been more excited if I hadnt just eaten my fill of Burmese stuff. Usha's (sp) sweet shop in the same So. Indian cluster of stores sold the most elegant indian sweets I have seen in NY as well as totally adddictive sago chips.

      3. Thanks for the sugggestions. But I know someone mentioned a place, also, either in Little Neck or Douglaston, which would be closer to where we live now. Anyone?

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          There is no Indian/Pakistani/Bengali place in Little Neck or Douglaston. There is a new Afgan place that replaced another Afgan place. There is a Turkish restaurant that is good. There was a huge Indian Place on Northern in Great Neck that closed two years ago and another place on Northern in Little Neck that closed five years ago. Some of the places mentioned earlier are just off Little Neck Parkway so maybe that is the reason for the confusion. Believe me, I wish there was something in the area.

        2. If you like South Indian vegetarian, Madras Woodlands is not too far away. Its in Nassau, but within spitting distance of Queens

          Madras Woodlands
          1627 Hillside Avenue
          New Hyde Park, NY 11040
          516 326-8900

          Their menu is comparable to Dosa Diner in Jackson Hts. I understand they also have a place in Manhattan, and a few in India.