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Jul 15, 2006 03:33 PM

Redwood City Monday lunch?

Any suggestions for Monday lunch in or around Redwood City?

We’d like to find something more interesting than “chain restaurant” type food - we’ve had a lot of mediocre Italian food in that area.

Upscale or downscale we’d be interested in hearing about it. No Indian food but everything else is of interest.


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  1. Upscale ... I would go with John Bentleys on El Camino, next to K&L Liquors. Very nice menu, attentive white-tablecloth service.

    Downscale ... RWC has the best taco trucks on the Peninsula. Most are located around Middlefield and 5th ... my favorite is "Rico's". I'm sure there are good sitdown Mexican places as well ...I'm not as familiar with these, but I believe there are 2 branches of El Grullense in town, and they are usually solid choices.

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      The best Mexican restaurant in Redwood City by far is
      Mar y Tierra in the shopping center on the corner of Woodside and Broadway right by the freeway. The tacos are great and very inexpensive.

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        I like Mar y Tierra for the shrimp coctel - one of the few things I can eat in a Mexican resto and not blow my diet! They make one of the best I've had (but I haven't been there in a while so I hope it's still good....)

    2. I really think you should try A Tavola in downtown redwood city near the main public library. For lunch its open Monday - Fri: 11:30am - 2:30pm. They food is good and moderately priced. Also the upscale tex mex place thats right a few doors down is pretty good.
      Also Estampas Peruanas is very good.

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      1. When in Redwood City, I think of Old Port Lobster Shack.....

        1. Old Lobster Shack is overpriced and over hyped - though it is pretty genuine.
          A Tavola is pretty poor food, consistently disappoints as does the other San Carlos members of the same chain.
          Sit down taqueria, Golzalez at 5th and Middlefield wins hands down, but there are dozens including Chavez Market next to the tracks north of Brewster.
          Slightly more upscale is Amelia's Salvadorian her papusas are tops.
          Estampas Peruvias on El Camino, Thai place at Broadway and El Camino, New Kapadkioa, and Village Pub round out the mid range.

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            I like Gonzalez Taqueria a lot as well. Here's my old post on it -

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              The Thai place is called Bankok Bay. Not the best Thai food ever, but quite good and the people that run it are fantastic. They have lunch plate options where you can pick a dish and then get rice, salad, and tom ka gai soup as well.

              Also, I haven't been to A Tavola since they moved, but it isn't what I consider "chowhound-y." It is competent, but not fantastic. Same goes for Milagros (the "Mexican" place next door).


            2. A few other good places in RWC:

              New Kapadokia (Turkish)
              La Casita Chilanga (Mexican, particular emphasis on Mexico City-style street food)

              There are also a whole bunch of really good Mexican places on Middlefield (like La Pachanga).