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Jul 15, 2006 03:02 PM

Minneapolis: a fondue place called THE MELTING POT

have you been there?? do you like it??

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  1. I have not been there - but I have friends (chowish) who rave about it. Seems like faaaar too much food for me in one single meal. and my pals would recommend going as a group.

    1. It's a chain and they seem to vary widely ...

      1. I suppose it all depends on what you're looking for. We went there with my wife's sister and her boyfriend and had a very good time. It is a lot of food and you can totally detail it to what types of meat/seafood/veggies you want.

        It is, however, expensive and pretty sterile. Not a place I'd want to bring out of town friends to show off the Twin Cities.


        1. Melting Pot is a large chain. Fondue is tooo Sixties for words on top of that. If you want to dip something in a hot liquid, dip your meat into something spicy. Chains for that are coming momentarily.

          1. Melting Pot is a chain for all that implies. Prices are expensive. Food is ok, but not great. For fondue, I would pick the Times Bar and Grill instead which is nearby. Their website and menu are here:

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              I completely agree with the Times. It's on East Hennepin just up from the bridge (across from Nye's). Much better ambience, too, not to mention live salsa music some nights.