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Minneapolis: a fondue place called THE MELTING POT

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have you been there?? do you like it??

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  1. I have not been there - but I have friends (chowish) who rave about it. Seems like faaaar too much food for me in one single meal. and my pals would recommend going as a group.

    1. It's a chain and they seem to vary widely ...

      1. I suppose it all depends on what you're looking for. We went there with my wife's sister and her boyfriend and had a very good time. It is a lot of food and you can totally detail it to what types of meat/seafood/veggies you want.

        It is, however, expensive and pretty sterile. Not a place I'd want to bring out of town friends to show off the Twin Cities.


        1. Melting Pot is a large chain. Fondue is tooo Sixties for words on top of that. If you want to dip something in a hot liquid, dip your meat into something spicy. Chains for that are coming momentarily.

          1. Melting Pot is a chain for all that implies. Prices are expensive. Food is ok, but not great. For fondue, I would pick the Times Bar and Grill instead which is nearby. Their website and menu are here: http://www.timesbarandcafe.com/htm/Fo...

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              I completely agree with the Times. It's on East Hennepin just up from the bridge (across from Nye's). Much better ambience, too, not to mention live salsa music some nights.

            2. The Melting Pot seems like a place that would impress teenage girls -- I was one, once, and was impressed. Was dragged to the MSP Melting Pot: wickedly overpriced, very taken with itself, painfully slow service on a weeknight (when everyone just wanted to go home, we had to go looking for someone to bring us a bill).

              If you're looking for something good in that area, turn onto Marquette and go to Bombay Bistro (and have the Dal Makhani).