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Jul 15, 2006 02:48 PM

Long Beach to Dana Point - Date Lunch/Brunch

Hi -

Am looking for a good meeting point between LA and San Diego for a first date brunch/lunch on Sunday....Coastal would be great - not too noisy/not too pricey would also be good...

Anywhere between Dana Point and Long Beach with the exception of Laguna (only because the traffic/congestion there gets pretty bad on the weekend)...

Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. The Queen Mary in Long Beach is a one-of-a-kind place to have a Sunday Brunch:

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      Follow the link(s) for some Queen Mary advice and strategy:

    2. Thanks - I saw the posts for the Queen Mary when I searched Chowhound. I'm not too interested in a buffet...and it also sounds a bit crowded/hectic for a first date least for me!

      Suggestions for someplace seated and relatively calm? Funky is fine if there are booths and the food is good.

      1. Belmont Shore in Long Beach has a number of great places and some charming shops to boot -- I really like Babette's for very casual bistro cuisine and Open Sesame for great Middle Eastern. At the far end, in Naples, are some slightly more upscale establishments; sorry I can't remember the names.

        1. I like the Beach house in Dana Point Harbor. Would make for a very good date brunch

          1. Consider Salt Creek Grille in Dana Point (Crown Valley Pkwy @ PCH. You can get there mostly by freeway if you need to bypass the nightmare of PCH on a Sunday. Great oak-grilled meats and plenty of lighter options too. Not horribly spendy. Not a buffet. Awesome patio. Handsome architecture. Low-key coast crowd, though not surfer scruffy.