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Jul 15, 2006 02:20 PM

e-Noodle, Milpitas report (w/ pics) Good pork dumplings

We went here for lunch 7/14/06 and thought was pretty good. This used to be a TK Noodle shop and the booths and tables seem to be the same.

It is now a Taiwanese restaurant. They have many dishes so it's hard to find out what's good. I picked: spicy beef noodle soup $6.95-a huge bowl w/ lots of soup, noodles, some beef. I liked the noodles ok-kinda reminded me of ramen. Beef was decent, wish it was more tender.

Pork dumplings (Soi gau: "Water dumpling"): 12 for $5.95. These are steamed and look so plain. Inside there are lots of pork, some shrimp, and green onions. It's just really good. Recommended.

Chicken wrap porridge combo $8.50 The porridge came out first which was a small bowl of plain porridge-tasted like oatmeal, and you get 2 side dishes that they serve that day. Today it was a tiny bowl of anchovies w/ bitter melon, and another dish of some kind of pickled veggies. I thought it was just ok, not my favorite at all. Chicken wrap was 2 big size crepe-like wrap w/ lots of fried chicken meat, lettuce, and tomato. I don't know how it was since I didn't try it, but my co-worker ate it all. He didn't care to take home the porridge or the 2 side dishes.

Total before tip was $23.15, so kinda expensive for lunch but ok. Recommended if in the area.


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  1. Went for lunch 2/21/08 this time I got Wonton noodle soup. It's a HUGE bowl w/ maybe 6 small wontons (probably store bought) and lots of rice noodles. Soup was ok. I took my left over dish home for dinner.

    Also tried the potstickers - they are freshly made probably w/ a nice pan fried bottom. these are the long rectangle sized potstickers. Almost as good as Joy's in Foster City.

    P. got spicy beef noodle soup. I got to try the beef again and still think it's fine.

    They don't take credit cards unless it over $25!! Restrooms available.

    My pics:

    438 Barber Ln, Milpitas, CA 95035