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Jul 15, 2006 02:00 PM

Preference for Birthday: Asiate, Danube, Sea Grill, Eleven Madison Park

Out of these restaurants which do you guys prefer for a birthday celebration?

Thanks again,

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  1. Forget Sea Grill (tourist) and Asiate (overbilled). EMP is a wonderful destination. The room is spaceous and elegant. Food is done well. Service is great. Perfect celebration spot. For that matter, Danube as long as you are in for the whole Autrian food exp., is also a fanciful way to spend a Bday. On the whole, we have had great meals there. I have not been espeically thrilled at the pace of service, but I nit-pick. I think the food at Danube is executed well, I am not always loving what I get, but that is mostly due to not loving the reigional food from that part of the globe.

    1. I second EMP as a birthday celebration spot. Asiate is overpriced but it does have great views of Central Park and their food is good. Danube is very elegant and their food is ok. Basically, I ditto everything Noodles said before.

      1. The new chef and menu at Eleven Madison Park are fantastic. That would be my choice from the list.

        1. I did not like the Sea Grill too much.. I thought Asiate was too cold, the food was ok, but not the best of experiences.. Eleven Madison Park has never done it for me.. I have been going there for several years, but have not tried the latest chef.. Danube would win by default for me..

          I am curious why does it have to be these choices.. Is there a particular restaurant or type of food you are looking for?

          1. Eleven Madison Park for sure. The new chef has really brought up the level of the kitchen.