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Jul 15, 2006 01:12 PM

traffic seems to be picking up

At least on the Manhattan board. Not the flood it was a pre-switch, but definitely up. What's traffic like on the other boards???

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  1. Yeah, it seems up, just by looking at posts.

    It was natural that it dipped for a while. We've imposed a barrier to entry (registration), which cut down on posts for a while (which creates a vicious circle, because less posts means less to read, which means less crowds, which means less posts).

    But it was only a matter of time. People get hungry, they want to post, they register and get it over with. I'd say (again, just by seeing # of posts) we're very close to previous posting levels at this point. And since we no longer have limits to the number of people we can handle comfortably ('cuz we have much more efficient new software), the chow tips should be increasing.

    To ensure we stay good as we grow, please engage with good houndish new posters who come around. New people whose postings don't get replied to tend to feel shunned and go away. And all of us want to see great hounds hunker down here.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Yeah, my sense is traffic is up, but up from waaay down. I also sense (from daily post-by-post reading on selected boards) that the percentage of fresh new tips has not risen – and has probably slipped. But that's just on the boards I follow regularly. And things could improve. I hope and expect they will.

      I also sense that more regulars than expected may have changed handles, which makes it harder to get a read on which posts are from folks we've counted on in the past for reliable chow intelligence. It'll take time to get to know the newcomers, who of course are welcome – the more the merrier.

      But I'm confident that all this stuff will work out in the end.

    2. Yeah, the people who've drifted away because they don't like change will, at some point, be back when they desperately need to know where to get a stunning meatball parm hero in Milwaukee. As that process continues, scaling will be rapid. The other dynamic at work is that I'm guessing we previously repelled 90% or more of new arrivals to the site (via google, links, or press) due to software issues (10mb indexes, no search engine, etc). I think we're going to retain better. And the influx won't dilute us because we have a critical mass of savvy hounds setting a high level of savvy. Back when we had 10 or 100 postings per day, everyone warned me that we'd dilute as we grew. It never happened because of that prevalent savvy level.

      So if you're a hardcore chowhound and want to continue getting good mileage from this resource, keep priming the pump with good chowy postings, and engage with other good posters so they keep coming around. It's such a corny cliche, but the quality of discussion is what you guys make of it! (I'll also try to post more food stuff, myself).


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      1. re: Jim Leff

        GREAT, GREAT JOB, JIM LEFF, to you and your team!

        1. re: liu

          Thanks, but, actually, credit for this new software and redesign goes to CNET and their engineering team, who worked real hard on this.