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Jul 15, 2006 01:09 PM

Clearwater Beach Breakfast Recommendation

Just tried Maggie Mae's Sunrise Cafe on Sand Key. Breakfast is good and cheap. They're not quick with the breakfast, but overall, very good. Toasted almond french toast was only $4.95!!

As I was leaving, I noticed they had posted a review from Chris Sherman, food critic for the St. Pete Times. It can be found at

Anyone know of anywhere else good for breakfast in that area?

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  1. There's a jewish deli type place over there, I think on Hwy. 60, that's supposed to be good. RibMan, what is the name?

    Frogge Pond is in Indian Rocks, I believe. Is that too far? It has huge omellettes and has been there forever.

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      Ya got me on that one, TD. I did not know there were any good jewish delis in the Clearwater area.

      But for a little drive, there is always Lenny's on 19 between Drew and 60.


      1. re: Tandoori Girl

        BTW, the Frog Pond is in N. Redington Beach. Here is Chris Sherman's review of it:


      2. Frog Pond is a great breakfast spot. Nothing fancy, huge portions of traditional breakfast food. Worth a trip.

        1. I really like Wildflower Cafe on S. Fort Harrison, just south of downtown Clearwater. Sometimes I just gotta have their airy biscuits with whipped honey butter. . . .mmmmmm. . . . Their tarts and quiches are good, too.

          1. I think you might be thinking of Zly's Deli. 1710 N Hercules Ave

            1. Frog Pond is SO worth the trip :)
              The omlettes are enough for three people...or at least it seems they are.
              If you end up there, try the crab and cream cheese omlette....MMMMMMMMM