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Jul 15, 2006 01:08 PM

Best seafood, preferably on the Waterfront?

My grandfather is coming to visit this week, and I'd like to take him to an excellent seafood restaurant with great service. Something on the Waterfront would be ideal, but if there's someplace better elsewhere in the Boston area, I'd like to hear about it. Cost is of no concern.

I'm vegetarian, so I don't know much about seafood places... Thanks!

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  1. We desparately need something like this in Boston, but amazingly enough really don't have anything that perfectly fits the bill. I think you may have to settle for a place like Meritage at the Boston Harbor Hotel, which is an excellent restaurant on the waterfront that has a fair bit of seafood on the menu, but is not a seafood restaurant.

    1. You have touched on my favorite rant!! I still don't get why there are no fabulous waterfront restaurants in Boston. Maybe with the development of Fan Pier and Pier 4 things will improve, but that is a long ways away (and we'll still have to deal with an Anthony's).

      Meritage is a great restaurant and an upscale one. Intrigue which is the cafe in the same hotel has a very limited menu, but the same kitchen and the same view from the ground floor (Meritage is on the 2nd floor - better view).

      My favorite view, but not my favorite restaurant is the Red Rock in Swampscott. The view can't be beat. Looks out over the ocean to the Boston skyline. The problems with Red Rock are the owners (HUGE attitudes) and some of the food choices are just not worth the price point (stay away from the fried clams in a bag - good but very, very skimpy).

      I am a North shore person, but I know that there are a few restaurants at Marina Bay in Quincy with waterfront views (and the marina).

      Enjoy your grandfather's visit. Post a review of where you do wind up.

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        There is one strictly seafood restaurant at Marina Bay in Quincy--- Captain Fishbones. I have been there a couple of times and it is decent seafood but nothing that will have you raving about it for weeks. They have an outside patio and deck area with views of the marina. The vibe/level of fanciness is about the same (or maybe a little less than) Legal's.

        If you are looking for more casual seafood in Quincy with water views, there are a couple of clam shacks on Quincy Shore Drive across from Wollaston Beach. They both offer the standard assortment of fried seafood and they both have outdoor seating with views of the water.

      2. While there is no waterview. the Legal Seafood across from the Aquarium is a good choice. have been eating at Legal for 35+ years and never had a bad meal. The choice cannot be beat and the fish is always fresh.

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          1. re: emilief

            i had the single worst restaurant experience of my entire life at this legal's location, and i'd never, ever go back.

          2. Thanks for all of your suggestions. The Quincy and Swampscott restaurants sound great (especially view-wise), but we'll probably stick around Boston this time. It's probably going to be a choice between Meritage and Legal Seafood. I've been to Legal a few times and know it's reliably good, but I was hoping to avoid the "chain." But it might be the best option.

            Thanks again!

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            1. re: basilcat

              If you've been to Legal's, you know what it's all about. Without intending to knock Legal's -- which I find to have significantly improved from the depths to which it had sunk -- Meritage is several steps above Legal's in every respect (including price).

              1. re: Blumie

                I agree, Meritage all the way.

            2. The Chart House near Longwarf Marriot has always been one of my favorites. If you're willing to spend the money Meritage is probably a better choice, though.