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Jul 15, 2006 11:21 AM

Winterland - Happy Hour Redux ...or, Play It Again, Sam

-The last night approaches. Ten 'hounds met on Friday at 5:30 pm for a round of drinks and the bar menu at Winterland. Saturday is closing night.
-We split into two tables and separate tabs. Knowing we'd not have another opportunity, we abandoned restraint on our appetites for the Octopus Carpaccio, Poached Organic Egg, Shishito Peppers, Veal Tripe, Grilled Sardines, Shortribs, Prawn Ceviche, Carmelized Brioche, and Chocolate Cake...
Lustau Jarana sherry, Waimea Bay Pale Ale, I lost my Necktie, Can I borrow a Pen? Our tab for 5: $157.29 includes tip.
-If swooning is permitted..., we bantered cooking techniques for the Carmelized Brioche...can this be duplicated at home - for posterity? Little wonder that every mention on this Board regales this dessert. It has it all - warm, creamy French toast (well, it was Bastille Day, afterall).
-It's chocolate...
-Veal Tripe in cazelua, best value $7; wafting smokiness, chorizo & serrano jamon
-Shortribs in Chimay with wheatberries; every morsel consummed and debated
-Prawn Ceviche; tasting of the sea - gazpacho, avocado, tomato
-Grilled Sardines; with Asian pear(nashi
)and previous faves:
-Shishito Peppers
-Organic Poached Egg
-Octopus Carpaccio

It's a fond farewell...until the Chowhound Dinner on Saturday, August 26...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I must admit, the last time I had been in this space it actually "WAS" the Wintergarden...I was high, and experiencing a Rock Concert (memory of who performed escapes me {maybe it was the WHO!?}.......This time at Wintergarden the food and company was a 'high", and the experience was more dish after another came to the table...tripe with bits of spicy chorizo in a hearty sauce, delicate poached egg with chanterelles, shortribs with chewy, chewy wheatberries..and an inherent succulence....octapus sliced so thinly it looked like a stainglass window on a plate...with smokiness from paprika ahumado, the prawns ceviche..with undercurrents of citrus...wrinkled japanese peppers warm, and sprinkled with sea salt (not 'hot' just full of flavor) and a delicate boneless grilled sardine dish (this one got lost in the shuffle of flavors and textures)..the dessert which I loved was the bruleed carmelized a custardy pain perdu brulee...The chocolate cake was quite good, but the salt sprinkled on the chocolate ganache, and the olive oil ice cream, was interesting.. not something I NEED to experience again!
      I can't wait 'till August 26th for our special private tasting meal..(I really must try the pork belly!)
      The Chowhound company was interesting and familial, very welcoming, and warm...!

      1. It is amazing that the micro thin shaving of crispy bread that garnishes the chocolate cake in your photo is called a crouton. Somehow there needs to be a much more special name for something so lacy and delicate. Didn't have it last night, but loved the interplay of salt and pepper against the olive oil ice cream and chocolate ganache in an earlier meal with the crunch of the wispy crouton.

        Not so high on the pork belly dish tried on Wednesday night. If folks can stand it, guess I'll post a rundown of that meal since tonight's the last chance to catch the cooking with the current crew.

        Winterland chowdown report -

        1. Cynthia, I love to help you try to recreate the Caramelized Brioche at home. I started a topic on the Home Cooking board.

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          1. As a relative newbie to the Chowhound routine, I was delighted to join nine others at Winterland last night. I can hardly believe we spent two and a half hours there enjoying each others company and the procession of interesting food offerings. The pacing was perfect giving us ample time to appreciate and dissect each dish. My favorites from this evening were the tripe, the poached egg and that incredible brioche with the browned butter ice cream surrounded by deliciate dabs of lemon marmalade with thyme garnish. I, too, am looking forward to the special meal at the end of August.