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oragasmic brunch

can anyone recommend an orgasmic brunch in LAC? i saw the brunch at the four season's in santa barbara--that looked really great. food has to be excellent, the setting isn't important. I went to Marmalade in Malibu recently and was not impressed by either. thanks.

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  1. Saddlepeak lodge is really nice, I like the crab cakes with poached eggs and smoked tomato sauce at bruch. Marmalade in Malibu is dirty, dirty dirty!!!! The tables reek of sour dish towels and the bathroom is more than disgusting.

    1. Not sure what YOU would consider to be orgasmic but, I really enjoy going to the Warehouse in the Marina for their Sunday Brunch buffet. Love to sit outside and enjoy the sun and boats while sipping mimosa and eating shrimp..........No one ever bothers me. I can sit, soak in the atmosphere, and eat/drink for hours.

      1. I'm not sure if you're looking for a buffet style brunch but the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica has a great buffet brunch. The quality of food and dish styles are pretty good. There's around 4-5 salads, crab legs, shrimp cocktail, fish, short ribs, tons of breakfast pastries, cheeses, desserts, fresh fruit, french toast and etc. Their coffee is great too.

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          How much $$$ for the brunch buffet at the Viceroy? Do they have champagne and non options?

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            I don't remember the exact dollar amoun but between $ 30-$40 I think. Yes, they have champange and non options. Here's the website:


        2. Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. I'm adding these to my list!

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            I think Joe's in Venice has fabulous brunches. Not buffet style.

          2. What about the new BLD [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner] on Beverly Blvd. I hear thats great!

            1. If you are looking for expensive and fancy but really nice atmosphere and experience you should try the hotel bel air but you definately need reservations and make them for the courtyard. i wouldn't call it orgasmic per say but its good (but EXPENSIVE)

              1. I definitely agree with Viceroy's in Santa Monica for a more fancy buffet brunch. But if you're looking for something more casual, I recommend Jinky's and Omelette Parlour, both in Santa Monica. Jinky's has the best crunchy french toast that I've ever had and the waffles with the warm banana walnut topping at Omelette Parlous is quite orgasmic if I say so myself. :)

                1. For me, nothing is more orgasmic than a brunch of great dim sum!