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Jul 15, 2006 05:29 AM

What would your throwdown look like? [moved from General Topics]

Saw Bobby Flay last night..liked the new "throwdown" show.

Was wondering what your signature dish is...and who would you like a throwdown with to prove it?

I make a very mean roasted leg of lamb...or lambchops. I get lots of kudos whenever I make it.

I'd do a throwdown with Paula Dean! I've never seen her make lamb. Course...I don't watch her show anymore either. Her boys wouldn't be invited. I could only stand one person saying Olive Owle.

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  1. I'd happily go against Alton. My throw down would be Stroganoff and mushrooms for appetizers.

    1. yummmm. you brave man to go against AB. what is so special about your stroganoff?

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