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Your favorite place for a salad

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I have been on a salad kick lately. What are some of your favorite places to get a salad and what kind of salad was it?

There is a salad at Manhattan Beach Brewing Company that I enjoy. I think it is called the Beach Club Salad.
I like the Chinese Chicken Salad at Dagwoods, in Venice.
There is a cobb salad at Tony P's in MDR that I liked, except it was a bit too salty. The Thai Crunch Salad at CPK is really good..and I like some of the salads at The Cheesecake Factory.

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  1. i like most of the salads at 26 beach cafe.
    also, when i'm feeling gluttonous, i enjoy the full-size caesar salad at cheesecake factory.
    for persian salad, i like the shirazi salad at shamshiri.
    the crocodile cafe has a good salad made with candied pecans, blue cheese, and fresh pears.

    1. La Scala in Brentwood (and Beverly Hills) has a great chopped salad. You can have it with turkey or salami and possibly tuna. Shredded cheese, garbanzos, cucumber, tomatoe, etc. They will add or subtract whatever you want/don't want. Nice olive oil and vinegar dressing. It's very simple but famously good. They have other nice salads, too.


      Sammy's Woodfired Pizza in the Rolling Hills Plaza (in Torrance)has several really fresh, flavorful salads. My fav. is a chopped salad - comes with your choice of olives or sun dried tomates, shredded mozarella and a great basil vinagrette dressing. I keep hoping that they will open one up here in WLA. The original Sammy's is in San Diego. Several locations throughout So. Cal.


      1. I don't know how the sandwiches are, but I recently had an excellent salad at Cheviot Farms, a deli/market that sells some interesting things like honey made from pollen of different flowers.

        The salad was a simple spinach salad with blue cheese, candied pecans/walnuts, cranberries, and chicken tossed in a fat free honey mustard. Maybe I was just extremely hungry that day but that was one of the best salads I've had in a while.

        Cheviot Farms
        10433 National Blvd.
        Los Angeles, CA
        (310) 836-5333

        (Note - they're closed on Sundays)

        1. Love Greenstreet's Cornucopia: romaine, chicken, blue cheese crumbles, almond slices, cranberries, raisins, apple chunks, avocado; their famous Dianne and other salads are good, too.

          Others off the top of my head:
          CPK's spicy thai, pear/arugula, and waldorf; Cheesecake Factory's chinese chicken and hawaiian luau;
          Whole Food's spinach/strawberries and mediterranean;
          Any salad from The Farm, Le Pain Quotidien, and Cafe Surfas;
          Ford's Filling Station's smoked trout;
          Matsuhisa's, Nobu's, Sushi Roku, Woomi Sushi - sashimi salads;
          Any from Tesoro Trattoria;
          Angelini Osteria's beet, and skate;
          Moonshadow's and Ocean Ave. Seafood's beet salad;
          Spago's lobster cobb and salmon bbq;
          Literati II's pistachio and endive;
          Capo and Ago's burrata.

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            Green Street is my favorite restaurant for salads. Completely agree w/ u, chica. Everytime I go there, I always always get the Cornucopia Salad w/ Dianne dressing & the zucchini bread. great stuff.

          2. On fridays, they have a really good mango chicken salad at the Lasy Daisy Cafe II on Wilshire in Brentwood.

            1. In Brentwood there is Nagao who describe themselves as "Sushi and Salad" and on their regular menu they have 18 Salads most, if not all, are Japanese in style. I'm sure you'd find one you'd like a lot that's just not another variation on something you've had a thousand times before. A "Salad Specialty Place".

              13050 San Vicente, #110 (very near 26th st.)
              (310) 451-7733

              No Menu on their Web site?

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                JBC -- This interests me a lot. Have you eaten here? What did you have?

                I think I have had sushi here - long ago. Was it or is it primarily a sushi bar?

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                  Yes, I eaten there several times over the years. Last time I had their Sushi Lunch Special (1 roll, 8 Pieces $14) and the person I was with ordered a Daily Special which was a Crab and Cucumber Salad (no lettuce) and nothing was left. Think of it as a Sushi Bar and a Japanese Salad Specialty House. The last salad I had there, I think, was:

                  Chopped Tuna (Spicy Option) - Chopped Tuna, Albacore, radish sprouts, asparagus, avacado and burdock roots (whatever they are?).

                  Can't remember for sure how good it was but I do know I've had some great salads there.

                  Their 18 Salads are all under $10, and you can view their menu on Menupages, and here's the link:


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                    Great! I did eat there, but for sushi. I like the salads at Hide and some other sushi bars because they are quite filling, a lot of work to eat with chopstix, and a colorful adventure with many different types of crunchy Asian vegetables. Unlike most salads, they are not mostly lettuce. I am looking forward to this for dinner -- maybe tonight would be perfect, triple-digit heat and all!

              2. I love the thai chicken crunch salad at CPK. In Orange County a chain called "Corner Bakery" makes a pretty good version of a cobb salad with huge juicy chunks of chicken and blue cheese. I think El Torito makes a great chicken salad which they cover in cojita (sp?) cheese and roasted pumpkin seeds.

                1. The BEST chopped salad, the Debbie, is at Factor's Deli on Pico in WLA. Two sizes-big and bigger-great for sharing

                  1. Best salad...BY FAR (imo :) ...Grilled Skirt Steak Salad at Park Ave.

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                    1. re: Funwithfood

                      I'd probably put my vote in for this salad as well.

                      1. My favorite salad, hands-down is the smoked chicken salad at Netty's in Silver Lake. Smoked chicken, black beans, feta cheese, corn, lettuce in a cilantro dressing. Served with tortilla chips. It's deliciuous!.

                        Otherwise, for a quick lunch during the week, I do like Acapulco's version of the Ceasar. It's a cilatro-y (see a theme here?) ceasar dressing that is yum!

                        1. I like Damon & Pythias in Westwood. You can create your own salad. Choose romaine, spinach or mixed baby greens. Select five toppings: tomatoes, red or caremelized onions, candied walnuts, broccoli florets, carrots, beets, jicama, crunchy seed mix, marinated mushrooms, kalamata olives, garlic croutons, bourbon raisins and at least 10 other options.

                          There is an option to add fresh sliced meats or sausages for a small charge. Dressing choices are balsamic vinaigrette, low-fat honey mustard, warm bacon, ranch, classic Caesar or blue cheese.

                          Inexpensive and very good.

                          1061 Broxton Avenue
                          Westwood Village
                          (310) 824-8777

                          1. I always like the chinese chicken salad at California Chicken Cafe. Since it's often busy, I prefer calling ahead to place my order, so I can just swing by and pick up my salad. I believe they have other salads too, but I just can't not get the chinese chicken one.


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                              I should try that...I always get the chicken cesar because i like the creamy dressing...they've REALLY been skimping on the dressing lately (SM location) and the salad has been DRY.

                            2. I still have dreams about the Lobster Cobb Salad at Spago (though be sure to ask for x-tra blue cheese and x-tra bacon). I like the Cobb Salad at The Grill, the Daily Grill, and I'll qualify this by saying I don't like the place and only go under duress, but when I go to the Cheesecake Factory, I begrudgingly admit that I enjoy their Cobb Salad, even if the extortionate $7.95 price for a piece of cheesecake makes me want to yack.

                              1. Palms Thai in Hollywood, spicy beef salad
                                Wat Thai Temple, papaya salad
                                Tuk Tuk, green pear salad
                                And I like CPK salads, too.

                                1. I dream about Fritto Misto's Greens and Gorgonzola salad - Yum! Also, I second the recommendations for 26 Beach salads.

                                  1. Tender Greens. Beautiful, freshest lettuces and other high quality ingredients treated with great respect. I am on a big Tender Greens kick at the moment.

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                                      Second Tender Greens - love the Ahi Tuna salad - everything perfectly cooked and seasoned - from the tuna, potatoes and green beans.

                                    2. Feast from the East (on Westwood Blvd. near La Grange, if I'm not mistaken) may lack for decor, but it makes a very tasty Chinese Chicken Salad.

                                      1. Two salads that I have regularly:
                                        1 - Som tum (green papaya salad) at Wat Thai. To be honest, I'm a bit of a heat wimp - despite having lived in Bangkok - and so I tend to skip the Wat during the hottest parts of the summer. That, however, would seem the perfect time to get a really spicy plate of som tum with sticky rice.

                                        2 - the caesar with ahi grilled as little as the kitchen will do it at Nook Neighborhood Bistro (aka The Nook) in West LA. I love the coarse mustard in this salad and I can walk there. Crowds have become an issue here. The Nook is popular, at least for such a small space. This salad works well for takeout as well, and then you get a 15% discount.

                                        1. Mrs. Winston's in CC (though gets old after awhile)
                                          La Scala Chopped
                                          17th Street Cafe - Cobb (when they have it)
                                          And oddly enough, the police academy restaurant does a mean southwest chicken salad.

                                          1. Michael's salad at VERMONT, two poached eggs and Canadian Bacon over frisee, sherry vinagrette, yummmmy

                                            Thai sausage salad at JITLADA THAI, crisp lettuce, sweet Asian style sausage, carrots, cucumbers, tangy/spicy lime dressing.

                                            1. enough was not said about tender greens in culver city. it is worth a drive. my favorite chinese chicken salad I have ever had.

                                              9523 culver blvd

                                              1. I just had a very unique and delicious salad at Ford's Filling Station: smoked trout on greens with fingerling potatoes, lightly dressed, beautifully presented. Killer atmosphere at Ford's. Love it, especially now in the summer on their lovely breezy side patio. Get a reservation before you go!

                                                (fyi it's literally next door to TenderGreens)