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Jul 15, 2006 04:36 AM

Original Joes- First Visit

We were downtown, and I prefer not to go to the Marina, so Joe's it was. The $25 rib eye was great. Cooked to order, beautiful crust, medium rare, red center, quality piece of beef. If all you want is a steak, and its convenient, this is a great choice.

Veal scallopini was good. Ravioli side was entirely unacceptable. French fries were good.

Ambience was excellent. Tuxedos, red plastic booths, and a clientele that witnessed the the sinking of the titantic-classic.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      He was impressed with it's old school ambience, the size of the portions, and the fact that they had a tuxedoed doorman to keep the crackheads out.

    2. I agree 75%. Spag w/meat sauce is the way to go.

      OK, I agree 90%, but it was your lack of knowledge in ordering. The ravioli are awful, but no one ever orders them. I'd guess my grandfather tried them (once), but not my dad, nor me. And now, never again will you, nor your offspring.

      The place is a classic.

      1. I always substitute the ravs with spaghetti al pesto, which is great.

        1. Just a note from a recent SF Choricle story. The next gen is taking over with some changes which should be complete by the 70th anniversary in June. Hope they keep the good stuff and just improve the other stuff.

          They are adding house-cured salami it seems. Also maybe opening another restaurant in the Hotel Mark Twain on Taylor near O'Farrell as well as opening a "trattoria serving salumi and thin-crust gourmet pizza" in that same area. An LA steak house is on the to-do list

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          1. re: rworange

            That article says they're going to strip out the carpet and refinish the floors, so presumably at some point they'll be closed for a week or more. So best to call ahead for the next few months.

          2. Yes, it's one of my favorite places in the city. The filet of sole is as good as it gets. And in the evening, try the char-broiled halibut. Also tasty: the giant Joe's burger on sourdough (also available in a smaller size) and the giant hamburger steak.