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Confirmed. Tony Bourdain is stuck in Beiruit

As of 6:30 eastern

Read posts here

Both my wife and I find him amusing, entertaining and pretty much a straight shooter. I know that he's not for everyone but he does try to provide a local flavour of places that many of us can't/dare not go.

Let's hope he gets home safe.


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  1. Thank you for the report -- he's a favorite of mine among all the "celeb chefs." I wish him and his crew a safe homecoming, among other things.

    1. I'm part of a Barnes and Noble online book group that Tony moderates and they posted yesterday that he and his crew are doing okay, but they are, in fact, stuck there for a bit.
      He is by far my favorite food writer and "television personality." Maybe it's because I'm a New Yorker. I, too, wish them all well.

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      1. re: CeeBee

        I'm guessing this will be one "Can't miss" episode.


      2. Yah, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tony. He has to get out of there quickly!! I'm addicted to everything Tony -- his books, his shows, everything. He's the best.

        1. I wish him no harm, but don't relish any enhancement of his faux machismo. I already think of him as the Geraldo Rivera of food writers.

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            1. re: Sarah

              Oh, just the fact that the seems to follow a natural tendency to crank it up a notch when the spotlight is on him.

              And imagine, building a whole book around the fact that you eat offal! I bet schoolgirls in Hunan eat stuff on a daily basis that AB wouldn't touch unless there was a camera on him.

              Grandstander? You bet!

              1. re: Gary Soup

                Yes other cultures eat things that most Americans wouldn't or haven't been exposed to and think "ICK!" when they see him trying it. But that's what he's all about - showing his non-adventurous American public what else is out there - it ain't just all about the U.S. and packaged foods. Will they run out and try seal meat or offal? Most likely not (probably because you can't find seal meal in the U.S., most likely <g>). But just *maybe* they'll try something different than McDonald's when visiting another country. But that's his focus - letting people know there's a lot of good food out there and people should *at least* try it.

                For a lot of people here on Chowhound, who try different foods all the time, his show may be schtick. But for those people who are so enamoured of The Food Network and think that's the cat's meow to cooking - well, he's showing some people that it's a lot different out there in the "real world" for so many other people, and hopefully encouraging them to try the local food. More power to him.

                I hope he and his crew get home safely.

          1. Hope he and the crew get home safe and quickly. Tony's my hero. Love "Kitchen Confidential" and never miss "No Reservations" on the Travel Channel.

            1. I read one of his posts on egullet and he says there isn't going to be a Beirut episode. He has posted several times there...

              We love his show...No Reservations. We never missed A Cooks Tour either. I've read his food books and his novellas.

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              1. re: melly

                I thought he used to post here as well, no?

                1. re: joypirate

                  A long time ago, I believe. Hasn't posted here ever since that "other site" started up. :-)

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                      :-) eGullet. I could have used it in my previous post; the Mods have been "less strict" in mentions of the site.

              2. Grandstander? Like on HIS SHOW? When he's trying raw seal? Or eating a cobra's beating heart? It's one thing if you don't like his gimmick, but I would not say he's doing it for 'attention' or 'grandstanding'. That is his livelihood. He has made his name on eating gross stuff other cultures eat all the time that we might find shocking. His message, at least as I see it (and I'm an unabashed fan) is to open your mind to other cultures and ways of eating that you might not try and stop eating over processed-so-far-from-natural-state foods that are the center of americans diet.

                Plus, if you read ANY of his books, he professes his love for all things offal --bone marrow, foie gras, and organs of any kind. That is NOT a stunt. The seal? ok, that was a stunt.

                The man has cameras on him b/c most people find him entertaining.

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                1. re: DanielleM

                  You can maybe call it a stunt or maybe you just call it not being a hypocrite. He says he'll try anything. Well you can't say that and then when you're face to face with a seal say, "Sorry, just kidding."
                  As for his "follow a natural tendency to crank it up a notch when the spotlight is on him" thing. He's doing an entertainment show. That's what people do on entertainment shows. They crank it up a notch. They do this because it's entertaining. Ya see how it works???


                  1. re: Davwud

                    And Bourdain's "cranking it up a notch" is a hell of a lot more entertaining/interesting than Emeril's "crank it up another notch!"

                    1. re: ChinoWayne

                      But it can be a lot of fun to yell, while cooking, "AND WHEN WE COME BACK...ANOTHER NOTCH!"

                      1. re: Darren72

                        Oh yes, fun and probably very profitable for Emeril. This is a prime example of what Food TV excels at. Note I did not say that Emeril's show or Food TV is excellent, just that Food TV excels at appealing to and entertaining the unsophisticated (in culinary terms) masses and is probably making a bundle of money doing it.

                2. I happen to love his shows and his books, but even if I didnt, I would still hope that TB and his crew are able to get someplace safe soon.

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                  1. re: Fydeaux

                    From Bourdain's posts, it seems that he is not in much immediate danger. But is just waiting to leave.

                  2. As I understand it from another board. He got out of Lebanon on Monday. He's either in Cyprus or on his way back home. DTV wanted to get him out as soon as possible.