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Jul 15, 2006 02:00 AM

Babcock Peaches?

Can anyone tell me where Babcock peaches can be found? (A Babcock peach is an intensely flavorful, quite fragile, white peach, the flesh of which has a slightly green cast.)

Thank you.

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  1. Ram Das Orchards (Berkeley farmers markets) has a small quantity You could email to ask when they'll be available:

    1. Believe or not I get mine at Costco most of the timem, have had one case already this year so far. Very sweet but for some reason that were not hard but kind of soft.

      If you have the time and desire they are available from the farms in Brentwood. I sure if you check the farms directory you will be able to find them.

      1. The Marina Chinese supermarket off 101/E. Hillsdale claims to have babcock white peaches, $1.29/lb. However they have that generic summerwhite peaches sticker on them that seems to be prevalent everywhere else.

          1. I remember seeing them at 99Ranch also but do not remember the price. Also they should be available at any Aisan Market. 1.29 sound like the right price. I will have to check Brentwood soon.