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Jul 15, 2006 12:32 AM


Mine, from 1991, just died. Can anyone suggest a really good family-friendly one? Thanks so much!

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  1. Over a year ago I had to replace my microwave that I had for a long time. The choices were intimidating, there are so many bells and whistles ... I'm not that type of person ... I want something as simple as possible. I don't enjoy all the options.

    Here was my strategy ...

    I went to an appliance store. My thought a sales person would know the difference. I got a dud salesperson who wasn't willing to take the time.

    I bought a pricy model, not knowing the benefits, for three reasons

    - I always buy top-of-the-line. It saves money in the long run and I'm not a shopper. I hate replacing things.

    - It had the option of being a countertop model or could be attached to a cabinet to save counter space.

    - It came in black. I had white - it yellows. Stainless steel shows fingerprints.

    I LOVE my GE Spacemaker II. The two things that appealed to the simple-minded in me.

    - It always delivers the finished food to the front of the door. It times the revolutions so that I never have to reach the back of the oven for food.

    - If I press the number 1 - it runs for one minute, 2 - two minutes ...etc. There is also a button to increase time by 30 seconds.

    It is a very inuitive oven and I even know how to set the clock, if I want to, without looking it up in a manual.

    What did you like about your old micro-wave? I guess with a family you would like a larger oven.

    Here are some on-line buying guides. Hope you will report back on what you purchased and how you liked it.