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Jul 14, 2006 11:58 PM

Casual Dining (Pizza, Burgers, Cantelopes) NYC

Hi, sorry to clog the board with another post. I tried to cull the info. I need from other posts but there is such a wealth of information and so much varying opinion it's a little overwhelming to get it all in perspective.

OK, well I'm taking my brother to NYC. I have a lot of friends that live in Brooklyn and while I'm sure they know some great spots, they're probably the type that put the hipster aesthetic and crowd ahead of the actual meal when picking actual places. I just want to take my brother out to an amazing place each day.

Now his taste is a little pedestrian so unfortunately no sushi or French. We'll probably stick to casual food. I was thinking about Grimaldi's for pizza and Luger for burgers among others, but it seems the patrons of this board have tons of suggestions over Grimaldi's and you need a reservation way, way in advance for Pete Luger (going next weekend).

Any suggestions? Remember, he's kind of a meat and potatoes country boy so I want to keep it simple. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I think Rare has really good burgers, and you can get some interesting stuff there if you feel like veering away from the plain burger also. One on Bleecker, one somewhere near 40th. I wouldn't wait an hour for Shake Shack; Corner Bistro has its supporters and detractors, I guess it depends on who's making the burgers. There was a recent post with burger rankings, try searching for it.


    1. I was gonna ask about the cantelopes...

      1. If you want a great burger in Brooklyn check out DuMont Burger on Bedford. I've been several times now and haven't been disappointed yet.

        I'd probably go to Lombardi's over Grimaldis.

        What about Katz's for a NY deli experience? Or is that too over the top?

        Not being sarcastic but we took some relatives from NC a few years back and one of them ordered a glass of water and spent the entire time whispering to her husband with her eyes darting around the room.

        1. The Luger burger is good, but only served at lunch; for which--and I may be mistaken, I've never tried reserving for lunch--I don't think you need to reserve 2 months in advance. Anyway, if you're staying in Manhattan, I think there are lots of better lunch options. There's a recent long post about burgers in the city; there will always be disagreement, but anything that appears on several people's top lists should serve your purpose. Katz's is also a good lunch option (although I'm not sure I understand the previous poster's remark about the glass of water and the eyes darting). I don't think any NY pizza rates as destination chow, unless you've never had anything but chain glop--in which case the distinction between Lomaardi's/Grimaldi's/John's/Arturo's might not matter much.

          And don't rule out French--I can't imagine any meat 'n' potatoes country boy who'd turn up his nose at steak frites.

          Amazing NY chow is always a bit of a risk. I can see how sushi would be right out, but you might want to try at least one place that's out of his comfort zone (e.g., Indian, Thai); if he likes it, he'll thank you; if not, no serious harm done, and you might still get a good story out of it.

          Finally: yeah, what about the cantaloupes?