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Jul 14, 2006 11:37 PM

Flor Morena (Silver Lake) Lunch - Why did I do it?

Because it was (relatively) quick, I really haven't given it a fair try, and I was running between home and work and I like to support neighborhood businesses, I stopped at Flor Morena to grab a salad to go while on errands. They have three shelves of salads to choose from for a 3-choice salad plate for $10 but so much was pasta-based and nothing but coleslaw even had anything green in it. So I chose instead the Echo Park Chopped salad from the menu: romaine, tomato, roated corn, cuke, avocado, scallions with a housemade citrus dressing for $10. Pricey, but salads are usually big, right, and I could have some later for dinner. Took it back to the office, opened the carton and saw an amount larger than a side, but certainly smaller than an entree. Put on the dressing, tasted it and wow. Awful. No seasoning. No scallions. No avocado. Lots of tomatoes, very few cukes. Corn was not grilled. Dumped on some pepper and ate what I could but there was nothing worth saving and very little of that anyway.

What a disappointment for the neighborhood. So much potential ruined by greed and indifference. No wonder I walked right up to the counter at 12:20pm (only two tables of 2 customers each).

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  1. did it so we wouldn't have to!

    1. I am unfortunately very harsh with new restaurants...I will make some allowances for service glitches, but the food needs to be good or I'm not going to bother going back. My one visit saw an empty case, indifferent teens at the register, and a plate of 5 average size ravioli in a watery tomato sauce for $14. Never again.

      I don't understand, with all the months it took for them to set that place up, that it is failing so miserably. The food is just bland and not good. The location alone should have assured a healthy crowd if it was even halfway decent.

      I am a little curious about breakfast, though...

      1. I basically live next door...and can tell you that the traffic is always light. Not a good sign.

        Breakfast? So-so. Seems like they count the potatoes before they toss 'em on your plate.

        Way too pricey for what you get...

        If you're in the area...Coffee Table. Eatz (at the Atwater pitch 'n putt) is the way to go for a cheap breakfast.