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Jul 14, 2006 10:21 PM

Healthy lunch in Brentwood

Need a healthy lunch spot suggestion for Saturday in the Brentwood area. Many thanx.

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  1. Price range and type of food?

    Salads and sandwiches, coffee and tea at Coral Tree Cafe (or drive a bit down Wilshire for Literati Cafe)

    Italian at Toscana

    Sushi at Takao

    Noodles at Taiko

    1. I also like the salads and sandwiches at Coral Tree. I like the sushi at Taiko, in addition to the noodles...never been to Takao because it's much pricier and I like Taiko sushi so much.

      1. salads at barneys are pretty darn good. the cobb is delish but not too healthy. :D

        1. i love NY BAGEL - its like a deli but more - and the name tricks you since it says "NY Bagel" but the chicken basil omelette is so delish, i have it at least once a week...the owners are so nice too!

          1. Nagao on San Vicente has TO DIE FOR salads and rice free sushi..the moonlight 3 is tuna, crab and shrimp wrapped in cucumber. I dream about these!!! The spicy tuna chopped salad is amazing too.