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Jul 14, 2006 10:20 PM

Leda's Cookies, scones-Yum!

Went into Leda's today to get some cookies to reward my finacee for agreeing to drive across a hot valley after work in rush hour to get my poor bulldog's medicine.

The patient clerk let me sample the chock chip cookie (mini) the currant, the ginger, and the berry scones, and the coconut macaroons. Al were so very, very, very yummy!

I bought my finacee a bag of choolate mini cookies, a bag of peanut cookies and a bag of the macaroons, as well as two mini cupcakes for his firend (who did me a favor. He got two choclate peanut butter). I left them at his office with strict instructions NOT TO BRING THEM HOME TO TEMPT ME!

Drop by. They sell humongous versions of the chocolate chip cooke!

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