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Jul 14, 2006 10:15 PM

ISO Sushi in Cole Valley, Hayes Valley, Noe or the Haight

I have a shop and nosh trip planned for next month. I am looking for a Sushi place that is open mid to late afternoon on a Saturday in one of the neighborhoods listed above. Would prefer traditional over trendy. Thanks

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  1. There is a great traditional (you'll see what I mean) place in Cole Valley, next to Crepes on Cole. An older couple runs it (and screens the customers). You will (probably) see people turned down or dissuaded from eating there. But let them guide you and you will not be sorry... Not sure about the hours, but it is THE place to eat sushi.

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      The restaurant you are referring to is Hama-Ko at 108B Carl Street. Unless their hours have changed they are not open "mid to late afternoon", they open at 6pm.