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Jul 14, 2006 10:13 PM

ISO mochi donut

On the last night of my visit in Taiwan last fall I discovered Mr. Donut and too much too late. They had a mochi donut called Pon de Ring and many other varieties with chocolate coating, almond coating etc. It was heavenly, light and just the right amount of chewiness. I had found a mochi donut at Mitsuwa last year but it was heavy and tough like a piece of rubber. Perhaps it would be better if it's hot. I am having a serious craving for Mr. Donut's Pon de Ring. Anyone knows anywhere serves a good version of it or at least serves it hot/fresh? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Definitely try the mochi an donuts or yaki mochi at Cafe Zaiya in the East Village. Some great photos of them from Robyn:

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      Thanks, aesis. Robyn's photos look great. I plan to hit Cafe Zaiya early next Friday morning. The mochi donut I had at Mitsuwa and in Taiwan had no additonal filling inside of the donut besides the sticky rice cake itself. Do you know if Cafe Zaiya has mochi donuts without the bean paste/filling in it? And if anyone know when they make their mochi donuts? I want to get a hot fresh one to fully appreciate the heavenly experence. Can't wait to satisfy my craving!

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        No, they only have the filled Mochi An Donuts and Yakimochi. You might ask the counter staff where to get an unfilled one-- if anyone knows, they do.



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          Thanks! I will be armed with my Japanese speaking father who definately will try prying an answer out of somebody there.

    2. We went to Cafe Zaiya Friday morning but there's no sight of mochi donut. Inquired about it and it wouldn't be ready until 11:00~11:30am. We couldn't wait for it so left without trying one. Also asked about mochi donut without filling in it but no one knew where I could get one so the search goes on.

      Returned Sunday afternoon and there they were sitting on a half empty tray on the counter. Got a mochi an donut which was room temperature. Took a bite and it was nice and fresh though it probably has been sitting out for a couple of hours but it's a lot fresher than what I got at Mitsuwa. The red bean filling was pretty sweet and too much of it for me. They didn't skimp on the red bean filling but there's not enough of the chewy mochi. This would be a nice treat for someone who likes sweet red bean. My quest for mochi donut continues. Thanks for everyone who has helped. I guess my next destination would be Korean bakeries. Anyone has any idea which one to try? Will travel to Queens or even NJ.