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Jul 14, 2006 09:29 PM

Best Vegetarian Downtown?

I am looking for the best vegetarian food in the Downtown, Back Bay, South End ish area. Any suggestions? I need help as I usually don't seek out the meat free, but I am trying to honor a request for meat free eating.


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  1. One of my favorites is the Sultan's Kitchen on State St. They have a wide selection of fantastic veggie dishes like stuffed eggplant, artichoke fritters, bean salads and such. They are open until 8:30pm so you could do it for dinner. It's a tiny place, but there are a few tables, and it's not crowded except around lunch time when it's packed.

    In the South End, I like Thai Village on Tremont St. They have plenty of veggie dishes on the menu. Another great choice is Addis Red Sea Ethiopian, which has plenty of vegetarian choices as well.

    1. My ABSOLUTE favorite is Happy Buddah, 5 Beech St. in Chinatown. I also LOVE Organic Garden, in Beverly- it's all raw- really neat!