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Jul 14, 2006 09:13 PM

Decent restaurants downtown

Hi all. It is now I need the expertise of experiencers Chowhound readers. I am from Toronto and will be visiting Philadelphia with friends in mid August. We are staying at the Loew's hotel downtown, right near city hall. My question is this: Are there are decent restaurants near there or in the vicinity that are worth visiting? I have heard about Joseph Poon's - any good? Also, is the restaurant in the hotel, Solefood, worth visiting? I also know there is an inexpensive pizza joint near there? Is it good for a late night order? And finally, can anyone tell me if the food at Citizen's Bank Park is any good? We are going to a couple of games. As long as any reccomendations are not mind blowingly expensive, I appreciate any help. If anyone is visiting the Toronto area and would like some help, please let me know.

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  1. hi, lots to comment on here...first off, yes there are lots of good restaurants near the loew's hotel. joesph poon's is closed, but you are very close to philly's chinatown with a myriad of asian options. but i would think toronto's would be better? solefood is only 'okay', and i would look elsewhere if possible. food at the baseball games is descent (the schmitter sandwhich is my favorite), but there are long lines and high are allowed to bring food in with you, and i recommend it.
    alright, with all that said, here are a few not terribly expensive eating options near your hotel for you to look up.

    lolita, a nuevo mexican 'bring your own bottle' place near 13th and samsom (there is a state liquor store on chestnut btw 12th and 13th, get siembre azul tequila and they will make margarita for you)

    reading terminal market near 10th and arch, big enclosed market with great variety of lunch options, also, a good breakfast place called down home diner is inside (better than hotel breakfasts).

    caprigio (sp?) a truly amazing gelato place also near 13th and samsom. please go, they are so good.

    other than that i would need some more input as to what type of cuisine you are looking for. philly has a small walkable center city with a LOT of dining options so my recommendation list would be very long indeed. off the top of my head, if i were visiting philly, i would go to Morimoto for sushi (hot food and drinks are VERY expensive so be careful) and atmosphere. Amada for tapas and sangria in our adult drinking neighborhood called old city (also the historic neighborhood), Sabrina's or Morning Glory for sunday brunch and then peruse the nearby italian market for sandwhiches and snacks for the baseball game. fancy burgers and salads at rouge overlooking swanky rittenhouse square. beers and very good bar food at Standard Tap, while checking out our hipster/brooklyn esque neighborhood called northern liberties. and so on... have fun..

    1. A few MINOR corrections:

      >reading terminal market near 10th and arch, big enclosed market with great variety of lunch options, also, a good breakfast place called down home diner is inside (better than hotel breakfasts<

      RTM is between 111th and 12th. You can see it from Lowes.

      And I'd pass on Sabrinas or Morning Glory before a game. It's usually a 50-60 minute wait for table then and another hour or so to eat.

      There are so many other options. BTW for late nite cheap grub near the Loewe's there are three good pubs - Fergie's, McGillans and Ludwigs all on or just off Sansom St within 2 blocks of the hotel.

      Note that RTM is closed Sundays and open 8-6 Monday-Saturday.


      1. The food at the ballpark is fine. As someone mentioned the Schmitter is available, cheesesteaks, and traditional fare as well. Although I do agree that if it's an afternoon game stop by the Italian market and grab a Sarcone's hoagie for the game(9th and Fitzwater). They are open everyday but Monday and they are only open until about 3pm. Late night pizza I'm not sure of, however, there is a good late night chinese spot near you but they don't deliver. Shiao Lan Kung is the name, 930 Race St is the address. Definitely hit up the Reading Terminal Market sometime throughout your stay. As for a good dinner place, I would take a nice stroll to either the Rittenhouse Square area(west of the Lowe's by about 6-9 blocks) or the oppopsite way towards Socitey Hill/South Street/Old City area (about 6-12 blocks east) and eat at one of the often mentioned BYOB places often mentioned on this board. Althoguh there are plenty of good non-BYOB places it just depends on your personal preference to spend the money on marked up alcohol or not. I would reccomend getting a pop out map from Barnes and Noble and using that as a guide, it details Center City quite well and it would be easier to visulaize these recs. and the areas of Center City which is very walkable. Enjoy