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Jul 14, 2006 09:05 PM

Georges on the Mainline

Has anyone been there lately? What's the scoop? I know that there were troubles back when it was Le Mas, and then again when it switched over to Georges...what's it like now?

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  1. You know, I hear people rip Georges all the time. Look at the recent Wayne -- Valley Forge thread. I'll be honest -- I haven't "sat down" and had dinner in the dining room since it has been le mas. BUT -- I live in the neighborhood and go into the bar area for items such as pizza, snack, desert, drink at least once a month, and always leave happy.

    1. I agree with DanielleM – if you go to the bar it's fine.

      However, the dining room is not very good, especially for the price. I personally haven't been there for over a year (due to an expensive, bad meal) but friends went just a month ago and also had a very very bad meal that was very expensive. So I don't think the dining room has improved.

      1. i was there for sunday brunch, not to long ago. i thought it was great, the food was awesome and the staff was very friendly. It was $30 a person(buffet)not bad!!

        1. i was soooooo underwhelmed with this place. from the moment you step into the gorgeous dining room, it unfortunately starts to go downhill. all of our dishes were heavy-handed and sloppy. i went for lunch with a coworker and we shared three plates: the spring rolls, a classic pizza and the pasta of the day (a penne in vodka sauce). the spring rolls were grease-laden and the sauce was only so-so. the pizza was too soggy and the cheese didn't taste any better than the run-of-the-mill moz that you'd expect from the dollar-a-slice joints. the pasta was a bit overcooked and the vodka sauce waaaay too creamy drowning out any bit of flavor that might have been there. we left feeling as though we spent way too much money for lunch (all of that was $60 after tip). i can't imagine the place surving too long. a cute (and empty) dining room can't make up for food that draws its flavor only from fat.

          1. I have been to George's on several occassions. I've never eaten in the dining room. But, the bar area is really nice. I've had burgers, pizzas, pasta, salads and I have almost always had an enjoyable meal. One time over Christmas my burger took about 45 minutes and was under-cooked. But, other than that, it's been great.

            I think it's a fun place to meet for a casual meal!