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Jul 14, 2006 08:56 PM

Edendale Grill, or something new in Silverlake/Los Feliz

Hey folks -- After years of avoiding dinner here because of a bunch of poor reviews, I was thinking of going to Edendale Grill for dinner tonight. I keep hearing vague stories about the food being better now, but I thought I'd check with the experts here. If it's not a good choice, any other ideas for a somewhat romantic dinner in Silverlake or Los Feliz? We've had multiple visits to Blair's, Cafe Stella, Cliff's Edge and Cobras & Matadors, so something different would be nice. Thanks!

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  1. Try it once, it is not that bad. Get a table against a wall, or better yet, sit outside on the patio. Don't get anything that sounds like it might be too much of a challenge for the kitchen, and you will be fine for one night. Their meat loaf is good, yet do not associate it with the concept of a romantic dinner either.
    vermont on Vermont at Prospect is a very good option tonight, especially after the Geek theatre crowd has left, which means things get back to normal operating procedures. Nice setting and good food, from the nicest owners who are seemingly always there.

    1. I haven't kept up on the talk about Edendale - I've thoroughly enjoyed every meal I've had there.

      I can say don't go to Dusty's ...

      I like Rambutan, but it's pretty noisy later in the evening when it fills up.

      I really like Cafe Beaujolais in Eagle Rock - fantastic service.

      1. While I hate to make a favorite place too crowded, if you can get a table at Cafe Beaujolais, I'd go there. It's 5-10 minutes from Los Feliz by way of the #2 and Colorado. We've never been disapointed.

        Rambutan gets pretty noisy, though the food is pretty tasty, and Edendale goes beyond "pretty noisy" to just plain LOUD, esp. on weekend nights. Their food's just not that interesting at Edendale, either...

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          Have you been to Cafe Beaujolais since the original owners sold it? They've opened in South Pasadena but I don't recall the name....

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            Bistro de la Gare, 921 Meridian Av, S Pasadena,right next to Gold Line station. very good, limited menu, If you liked Cafe Beaujolais you'll like it. I haven't been to Beaujolais since owner change & would also like to here fr: other posters who have.

            1. re: ilikefood

              Went to both within a week, last week. Unfortunately, La Gare had their Elmer Dills puff piece night and with the camera in our faces, despite out protests, and Elmer saying, "But didn't you know we would be here?" (NO!) it was less than spectacular.
              The preparations at Cafe de la Gare are recognizable from Beaujolais, and they were generally good - probably marginally better than Beaujolais- if oversauced. The strong point of the place is the wine list, especially the specials. Many really nice 2000 Bordeaux for less than $35 is hard to beat.
              Beaujolais now has a plebian wine list, but the service is at least as good as it was. Gare's service is ok, but not the hoot that Beaujolais remains (though maybe Gare's servers were subdued by the Dills factor). Food at Beaujolais is probably not quite up to Gare, but with the overall experience, Beaujolais is the better bet.
              I will try both again soon without the Dills shill factor.

        2. Have drinks at Edendale and soak in the vibe. They also have good desserts. The in-between is what suffers: not a huge menu and not very inventive.

          The SO and I are kinda partial to Il Capriccio on Vermont (across from vermont), a little family-run Italian place that's decent when you want to stay in the hood. Their pasta dishes are pretty fresh and they have a heavy hand when pouring the vino. Very friendly, if not crowded, comfortable place.

          1. Thanks folks. We ended up at Edendale Grill, and it was a lovely atmosphere (we sat outside) and a fun place for a pre-dinner and after-dinner cocktail, but the food's not something I'd go back for. To start, I had an avocado/grapefruit/watercress salad that was pretty much a big plate of watercress while my boyfriend had a steak tartare that was so overloaded with onion and capers that you really couldn't taste anything. For entrees, I had a roast salmon with ratatouille -- the salmon was a little dry and the ratatouille didn't taste fresh at all; just kind of mushy. My date had a "seared" tuna with some olives, more capers (there were capers everywhere). The tuna was pretty overcooked -- barely a bit of pink -- and flavored with a rather overpowering mesquite taste from the grill. Also, I couldn't understand why my pinot noir by the class came in a tiny glass filled to the rim. So, a little disappointing. But I'm glad we finally checked it out. Beaujolais this week, and I promise not to tell too many people about it!